Blast From the Past: 2020 is All About Reviving Previous Trends

What better time to make some upgrades in your current interior design than the start of a new decade?

But here is what’s exciting. We may be ushering in the new year – new decade – but many home décor trends from the past years are actually making a huge comeback this 2020.

For new homeowners, especially the younger generation, there is a certain appeal that comes with vintage accents and an overall retro-looking design concept for their homes. Long-time homeowners are also longing for that feel of nostalgia that they want to bring back inside their living spaces.

To bring that serious statement into your home, look into vintage wallpapers, retro home appliances, colour-pop carpets and flooring design that evokes past design ideas from previous generations. If you’ve been thinking about giving that minimal lifestyle a try and tossing away all those old, worn-out items you have cluttered everywhere, now is the perfect chance for a makeover.

A simple design change will not only free up some much-needed space in your home, but it will also allow you to welcome the new decade with a fresher perspective. As you are looking into some of your things and realise that some of the things you used to ignore can actually be repurposed.

You can achieve that old-timey look you want, whether it is a fabric sofa you can buy in Singapore shops or an old painting. Here are some of the experts’ suggestions on how you can decorate your living space by incorporating old trends:

Materials that come from nature

Technology continues to advance every year, and there is simply no stopping it. However, as the world becomes even more fast-paced and tech-centred, many people are longing for that warmth, natural feel inside their living spaces.

Because their workplaces are all about gadgets and devices, many people want to go back to their homes after a long day’s work, not feeling as if they are surrounded by modernity still. Instead, they want to feel a lot closer to nature.

So, for 2020, try to add more design elements from the outdoors into your homes, such as more greenery, wooden materials, and even a low-maintenance aquarium.

Floral wallpapers and other bold patterns

floral wallpaper

What other interior home décor screams retro other than a nice, old piece of wallpaper. We’re sure this may not be among the first choices for many modern-day homeowners, but give it another thought. Many decades ago, every single home had wallpapers in at least one of their rooms.

It has always been a popular choice for many interior designers when looking for certain design additions that can make living space look for pulled together. But, when the trend started gaining traction, gaudier design patterns have been introduced, which contributed to its dwindling popularity as years went by.

Also, homeowners who wanted to avoid trends switched back to neutral colours for their walls.

However, patterned wallpapers, especially in floral prints, are becoming a popular choice once again and this year may just be the right time to change your tune. Just because you want an old-timey look doesn’t mean it should replicate your grandma’s. Many options out in the market right now have a much more modern update.

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