A Guide to Designing Your HDB Flat

Moving into a new flat of your own is always an exciting thing. You pack everything that you’re bringing to your new home and start visualizing how you want it to look. But getting there, you realize that you don’t know how to design your flat. All you see for the first few weeks are boxes and piles of furniture you took from your old house.

Decorating your HDB flat is a big deal, especially when it’s your first time having a home you bought for yourself. With this guide to designing your residence, you’ll be living in your dream space in no time!

Find your style

Because this is your home, it has to reflect your style. As much as possible, it should suit your preferences. After all, this is where you’ll be coming home after a tiring day at work. It’s your space, so make it your own.

Think of a theme you like and start visualizing how you want your flat to look. What are your likes and interests? What’s your favorite color? These preferences of yours can all fit into your design. If you don’t have ideas, you can always look for inspiration online. Some models fit perfectly with individual personalities, so you might want to consider that as well. For instance, if you’re free-spirited, then a Bohemian design might be for you. And if you want to experience some luxury, you can find queen-size bed frames from Singapore.


Once you’ve come up with the design you want, it’s time to put in some furniture. Shopping for furniture can get overwhelming. There are so many adorable and aesthetic things you want to buy. But don’t get too carried away!

Have your design in mind, and then get the basics first. List down the essentials like your bed, a couch, dining table, and chairs, etc. After you’ve gotten the essential furniture, then you can get to the add-ons. Choose key decorations and appliances that will brighten up your basic furniture. That way, you won’t stray away from your theme and buy things that you don’t need.


Most people underestimate the power of illumination. The right lighting has a significant effect on how your flat will look and feel. It brightens the whole space and will complete the vibe in your home. Invest in good lighting. Or better yet, let some natural light in.

Let go

Chances are, you’ve taken everything you own from your old place and brought them into your new flat. You’re probably trying to find a place for everything. But you’re going to have to learn to let go of some of your old stuff.

Get rid of the things you don’t need. As much as possible, avoid clutter in your new flat to make it look neat and tidy. You can keep sentimental items, but find an organized place to put them.

Maximize your space

Dream pad

Maximizing your space means making every single corner of your flat useful. Find a place for all your things and organize them in strategic locations. Books, for example, can be stacked nicely in bookshelves. Other items can be stored under the bed or in closet spaces. Empty spaces like those above the doors, cabinets, and closet can be utilized as storage units, bookshelves, or decoration spaces.

After you’ve done all the design work, your HDB flat will feel like home at last. Just remember to stay organized and declutter now and then to keep your home looking beautiful and tidy.

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