Most Profitable Build-Outs for a Commercial Rental Space

The property market is, in most economies, one of the most lucrative ventures right now. Commercial rental properties have recently overtaken residential properties to become the most profitable ones. This has been primarily caused by the many companies coming up along with the expansion of existing businesses. Your commercial property might not suit all your would-be tenants. In this case, a custom build-out might be necessary. The term ‘’build-out’’ in the construction world is interchangeably used with additions, renovations, and improvements.

A building and framing contractor in Utah looks at a build-out a little differently. To his company, this could be anything from an unfinished interior space to one that needs some elements demolished and completely renovated to suit your tenant’s needs. Depending on what needs to be done, a contractor may be your best choice for getting customized design for your commercial rental property. The following are some of the most profitable build-outs you can choose for your commercial space.

Lighting Design

Updating your space’s lighting design to maximize the use of artificial light and eco-friendly bulbs is one of your best investments. This is because companies are now more intent on lowering their energy costs and enhancing their interior designs. You can also install wall accent lighting, and spotlights to draw attention to different areas of a room. This is particularly beneficial in places that can be used to display artwork, boards, or a company’s logo.


These are the things that tenants will notice immediately they walk into your rental space. They include drywall work, caulking, molding, and wall and floor coverings, among others. Consider replacing or renovating your damaged drywall, leveling your counters, reinforcing staircases, and refinishing wooden floors. These changes might seem small, but they do have a considerable impact on tenants and will protect your building from extensive and costly damage in the future.


The accessibility of your space can affect the clients of your tenant. Remember, your tenant’s success will determine how long they will renting your space. It is essential to consider different mobility restrictions when boosting the accessibility of your space. You, for instance, should have wheelchair ramps, wide doorways, and height-adjustable retail counters to make your interiors accessible and accommodate all people. This assures tenants that your building will cater to the varied needs of their clients.

Layout Design

Most commercial spaces are now opting for open floor plans. These make their workplaces look spacious and encourage collaboration between employees. You can change your floor layout to an open one with a few closed-in phone areas, meeting rooms, and offices. The secluded areas should ideally be around the corners to support an unhindered traffic flow. An open layout also gives your tenants the flexibility to arrange their workspaces according to their needs.

Build-Outs are Investments

asian couple planning for the investment

To a few property owners, the above ideas are too costly to implement. Instead of looking at it as added expenses, think of it as an investment. Competition in the commercial property market can be tough. Spending a little more to make your space perfect for starting a business may encourage your potential tenants to stay longer.

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