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How to Keep Your Sliding Doors Smooth and Silent

Sliding doors add a touch of elegance in any kind of space, whether it’s an office or your home. Just from looking at them, you’d already know they can look good somewhere in your house or property. Paying a bit of a mark-up from regular doors would be a great investment, especially if you can keep them looking and functioning like new.

After a few years, it can show some wear and tear, however, so you need a bit of elbow grease to keep things running as smoothly as they should. Here are three of the most practical tips to help you maintain your sliding doors.

Keep them well oiled

It’s not a complicated machine with many moving parts, but still, sliding doors need to be oiled from time to time to keep it from squeaking. It’s basically a door on casters, so you’ll be rolling them day-in and day-out. When oiling the sliding doors, you can lift them a bit just so the casters are off lifted from their rails. This way, the oil could go in for better lubrication. Doing this every couple of months ensures that opening and closing the doors would be smooth and silent for years to come.

Keep the debris off

Another problem with sliding doors is that it can trap debris from all the foot traffic in your home. From bits of dirt to outdoor debris, all of these can accumulate in the rails over time, making it hard for the casters to smoothly slide open and close even with proper oiling. What you need to do is always clean the rails when you can. A good sweep or dusting can dislodge the accumulated debris. Vacuuming these parts is the most ideal, though, as it could really remove the dirt from hard-to-reach areas that you can easily sweep.

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Gently opening and closing

One major difference between the traditional door and a sliding door is you shouldn’t slam the latter. Typically, you can just use a bit of force when opening and closing your regular door, and it makes for dramatic entrance or exit.

The door is usually scratch-free, but doing so regularly makes it loose and squeaky, but that’s a topic for another time. On the other hand, if you do slam sliding doors, you risk cracking the glass, if it’s made of one. If not, you still risk damaging the door frame, casters, or the rails. Simply put, you need to be more delicate when you’re dealing with sliding doors. It can offer wonderful views of the outdoors, but it’s also less sturdy compared to traditional wooden doors.

Sliding doors are a good addition to any home, not just for aesthetics, but also for specific functionalities like letting natural light in, giving great views outdoors, and convenient access to various living spaces. It involves a bit of care and attention, but not the sort that you’d need special tools and cleaning materials. Just keep it clean and well-oiled and it will serve you for a long time.

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