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6 Best Decor Ideas to Freshen Up Your Large Home

If you have a large home due for a design update, it can be difficult as bigger living areas present their own set of challenges.

However, decorating and maintaining large homes can be fun as large spaces provide limitless possibilities, allowing you to expand your creativity. For example, car collectors can go for hefty, extraordinary garage doors. They only need to hire commercial garage door services every so often. This ensures that the massive garage doors are always in top condition and that their collection of pricey cars is always secure.

Other large homes have their gardens or spacious living rooms with high ceilings as their focal point for entertaining. Regardless of your preference, when you have a lot of space to fill, these six decor ideas can help make your home feel more balanced, functional, comfortable, and stylish.

Arrange the Furniture in the Living Room

Although having a large living room space prevents you from cramming in chairs, tables, or sofas in a tiny area, arranging these furniture pieces in a balanced and intimate manner can be challenging. A common way homeowners arrange furniture is by pushing all of them against a wall to make a room look bigger, but this may feel awkward in a large area. It will make guests feel they need to yell to talk to each other.

The best way to make a conversation area in a large space is to arrange furnishings within three feet of each other to make it warmer and inviting.

Invest in Architectural Elements

If you want to make your home be an ‘eye-stopper’ for guests, it’s best to invest in architectural elements like columns or moldings inside large rooms such as in the living room or kitchen. These additions usually work better in producing a ‘warm’ vibe and adding beauty in big spaces than filling it with small trinkets.

Have at Least One Mirror in Every Room

mirror and plant decorMake your large home feel even bigger and brighter by placing mirrors around the house. They can achieve these as they bounce the light around the home, making your humble abode feel more inviting, warm, and lively. It’s best to place a mirror that’s perpendicular to a window and not across from them.

Go Big with Decor

Just because you have a large home doesn’t mean you should clutter it up with countless decorations, and one way you can avoid this is by going large with your decor elements. For instance, if you have rooms with high ceilings or feel bare, fill each corner with tall potted houseplants or fill your walls with large-scale art pieces.

Strategically Place Small Decorations

If you have a small collection of items that you want to use for your large home, it’s best to group them in threes. For instance, grouping three vases above your fireplace in the living room or hanging three frames near your kitchen. This unique arrangement allows the eye to view these items as a whole while keeping them from getting lost in your large space.

Choose a Simple Color Scheme

Like with smaller areas, when using too many colors in a large space can be overwhelming. That’s why when planning a color scheme, stick to neutral colors, and add in your favorite color for accents, enhancing the space and bringing cohesion to the defined places of the room.

Decorating large homes is a great challenge to any homeowner, but you can easily make your home look, feel, and become better than ever with these six decor ideas.

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