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What to Do When a Home Maintenance Is Inevitable During COVID-19

The pandemic continues to wreak havoc into our daily lives. As more people get infected each day, many of us can’t help but fear for the safety of our loved ones. While most people try so hard to follow the precautionary guidelines of health experts and the government, there are still some people who chose to do otherwise. This is the very reason why many of us would rather stay indoors and limit contact with others in hopes of keeping ourselves and our loved ones less likely to catch the virus. But what if a situation arises that forces you to let other people in during these critical times?

One example is when a home maintenance issue presents itself in the middle of the pandemic. Let’s say you require emergency plumbing repair to fix burst pipes, an overflowing toilet, or even a malfunctioning water heater. Before, you can easily pick a reliable plumber in your area to fix it for you. But with the pandemic still spanning the globe, even this simple task becomes a concern. How can you keep your family safe when home maintenance becomes a must in time of the COVID-19 crisis?

Shop around and ask questions

The good news is, the government has already released certain regulations that enable businesses to operate while keeping their customers and employees safe be it inside the business premise or on-site. To put your mind at ease, don’t be afraid to shop around for contractors and ask what their safety precautionary measures are. You don’t want to end up hiring a company only for them to send staff that is not wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment, have signs of COVID, or even have had exposure to suspected cases.

Ask the company how they plan on working on the project and a full description of services that needs to be done. They should be able to tell you how long it will take to finish the repair. Don’t forget to ask how they plan on disinfecting the area before they leave your home.

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Let them know if there is a household risk

As a client, it is your job to let your contractor know if there is someone in the household who is part of the high-risk population. This includes immunocompromised patients, seniors, or people with major health concerns. You will have to make arrangements to make sure they don’t get exposed to the contractors while the job is ongoing. It is also your responsibility to let the company know if any of your family members exhibit respiratory distress. They may need to delay the appointment to avoid their contractors from getting sick.

Keep a watchful eye during the big day

During the time of maintenance or repair, make sure to keep your eyes open. While maintaining social distancing and limited contact, wear your mask when talking to the contractors. Keep kids away and as much as possible. If, in case one fails to stick to the agreed precautionary measures, don’t be afraid to call in the company to report the incident. After their work is done, it pays to disinfect their work area for extra measures.

Letting someone else inside your home during the COVID-19 crisis can be scary. This is why it pays to think twice before letting who is someone not from your household to enter your house. But when the need arises, do what needs to be done to protect you and your family’s health. If you are not sure how to do this, you can always keep this list as your guide.

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