Summertime Woes: Keeping a House Clean with Kids Around

Have you found that it’s a lot harder to keep the house clean when your kids are around, especially during summertime? Well, you’re not the only one. We’re not talking about just hiring pros to do air duct cleaning service on your HVAC or tend to your garden. We’re talking about the everyday children-generated disorder in your abode.

It is very tempting to just impose rules that say kids can’t buy toys, can’t play with toys, can’t eat snacks, and should only stay still in one place. Believe us, we’ve all had Ally McBeal moments about it.

But that’s not how life works. Your kids will play with their toys. Toddlers will keep dumping the contents of those clothes hampers and toy bins. They will snack on your precious Persian rug. They will continue to make a mess.

That’s why we came up with this list of tips and tricks of getting the job done even with your kids around.

Innovative Ways to Keep Your Home Clean Even with the Kids Around

Get them on board.

Children are naturally helpful. They like the feeling of doing “grown-up” stuff like helping pick out groceries, folding clothes (at least in their own way), and even cleaning up around the house. Enlist their help but make it fun for them, too, so that they don’t get bored doing it.

Make some changes to your organizational system.

You may be used to a certain cleaning and organizing system but your children may find it either confusing or challenging. Instead of getting all frustrated when they can’t meet your expectations, why don’t you try adjusting the system that’s appropriate for your kids? This way, they won’t have a hard time cleaning up and organizing. The simpler it is for them to understand and follow, the better your life will be.

Put their toys in rotation.


Toys are an inevitable part of a parent’s life. That is our lot. It is pointless to resist. Embrace it but be wise. Putting your children’s toys on rotation will minimize the clutter and also somehow stretch their lifespan.

Put away a third (or even half) of their toys in storage while the rest are available for play. Once they get tired of what’s out, switch them up with those in storage. Less clutter, less headache.

Use paper plates and cups.

For busy seasons, like summer, disposable paper plates and cups are very helpful in keeping your home tidy. You can just throw them out after use which minimizes the pile of dishes you need to wash after each meal. Just make sure that you throw them out responsibly.

Enforce a “no clean-up, no screen time” rule.

Here’s a great way to “encourage” your kids to clean up after themselves. Make a rule that before any screen time takes place, they need to put their stuff away and clean up their mess. This teaches them the values of ownership and taking responsibility. Hit them where it hurts the most — digital devices.

Declutter. And then declutter some more.

As children grow up, their stuff also increases. You have to create the habit of decluttering to lessen the mess at home and keep it orderly.

While maintaining a clean and orderly home is great, learn how to pick your battles, too. Don’t be too uptight and controlling that your kids no longer feel welcome at home. Learn how to strike a balance between keeping things orderly and allowing your children some space to be themselves, too.

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