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Smart Home Innovations That Makes Perfect Sense During Covid-19

People make use of their creativity to make their lives less complicated. During the pandemic, everyone is advised to observe strict health and safety protocols, be it outside or at home. Since the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, many are now thinking of other ways they can start comfortably living through the new normal.

Many people started their house and land search in hopes of buying a new home that can meet their pandemic needs. They no longer want to rent apartments where they share the same building with many other people. They want their family to live in a home that has all the space and privacy they need.

Aside from house-hunting, homeowners and buyers alike are investing in different smart home innovations. They do this to ensure the comfort and convenience of their family while quarantining. Among the popular innovations during the pandemic are as follows.

Touchless Technologies

One can pass the virus by touching a contaminated surface. One can get then acquire the virus after touching the contaminated area and touching their eyes, nose, or mouth. Smart home technologies that allow users to operate on certain items without touching make it easier to reduce the spread of the virus.

Aside from regular disinfection of highly-trafficked areas at home, homeowners are also investing in touchless technologies. Think of touchless faucets, toilets, and even doorbells. These innovations make use of a sensor that activates or deactivates the appliance or fixture as needed.

Touchless faucets in residential areas are now in high demand since homeowners want to make sure they don’t decontaminate their hands after washing. You may have done a thorough job washing your hands with soap and water. But the moment you touch anything, like your faucet to turn it off, you are already contaminating your hands again.

Smart Home Security

Homeowners are becoming more concerned over home security during the pandemic. This is even if property crime rates are down during the crisis. It only makes sense since we are staying more time indoors, we want to make sure we can relax and not worry about the bad guys trespassing on our property.

Smart locks are today’s go-to alternative to deadbolts. This is perfect for households with kids and people who often forget to lock their doors. One can give access to select guests and not worry about unwanted visitors gaining access to their property.

Video Doorbells also serve as a safety feature since it alerts homeowners every time someone ends up in their doorstep. You have the option to save recorded clips and review the videos at the end of the day. This also helps homeowners know if someone is snooping in their front door or if anyone is stealing their delivered packages.

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Smart Sleep Technology

Some people these days have more time to rest since they are already working from home. But then, many have trouble falling and staying asleep due to stress brought about by the crisis. They are anxious about their health and their family’s safety while others have a hard time coping with quarantine life.

There are couples who have a hard time falling asleep in their own bed due to different temperature preferences. Women often get too cold while sleeping while men usually feel the opposite. This is where smart sleep technology comes in.

Some already invested in smart sleep systems that offer cooling and warming environments for couples. This innovation lets couples share the same bed and still enjoy their desired temperature. With a better sleep environment, one can now enjoy better quality sleep and enjoy better days in the morning.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances continue to be smarter and more energy-efficient. Since we are encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, many of us started cooking more home-cooked meals. This gave homeowners more reasons to invest in their dream smart kitchen appliances.

Nowadays, smart air fryers are everywhere. This helps us enjoy our favorite fried food minus the guilt of indulging in oily meals. Smart air fryers can have up to 17 cooking functions, giving users a wide range of cooking choices to choose from.

Another smart home appliances that are gaining the attention of homeowners are smart fridges. This helps alert users if any food is about to out of date. The screen enables you to easily check what food items you still have stored in the fridge and even helps you find coupons so you can save money on your next grocery shopping.

These are but a few innovative smart home devices that are making our quarantine lives easier. Their offered convenience and safety gives us better peace of mind while helping us in achieving our goals. Smart home innovations will only continue to grow in number and change our lives for the better.

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