Most Common Bathroom Problems and How to Fix Them

The bathroom is a small and less utilised space when compared with other parts of the house. However, if neglected, this small area can cause major headaches. Bathroom issues are common, such as clogged drains or leaking vanity units, cropping up now and then. In this article, we have discussed such common issues that you might encounter. We have also provided possible solutions for the problems ensuring that bathroom issues don’t clog your thoughts and happiness.


This is the most common problem faced in the bathroom. Leakages can occur anywhere, such as through taps, pipes, showerheads, etc. Depending upon the source, you will need to carry out different procedures to fix the problem. Minor leakages in pipes can be solved by either fixing loose items and corking them tight to prevent leakages.

Similarly, you might also need to apply a strong adhesive or use a flex tape, if required. You will need to get the parts repaired or replaced for major leakages, depending upon the condition. You can carry out these repairs yourself, depending upon the problem’s complexity and if you know. Or you might require hiring professional plumbing services to get your leakages fixed.

Poor ventilation

This issue is caused during the planning and designing stage and can become a huge cause of concern later. Poor ventilation can lead to an increase in humidity and moisture in the bathroom. This can lead to damage to the paint, cause suffocation to certain individuals, and other issues.

The solution to this problem can be replacing the vents or installing a fan for increased air circulation. However, in certain cases, you might need to remodel the bathroom altogether to improve the ventilation.


If your bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation, it can also lead to mould growth and accumulation. Mould shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is harmful to humans. It can cause breathing issues as it can affect the upper respiratory tract. To fix mould issues, you can use DIY home remedies such as cleaning the mould surfaces using undiluted vinegar or bleach. You can also use a solution of bleach and water for the same.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable removing the mould yourself, you can employ professionals to get the job done. This will help minimise the risk of catching any allergens or infections and ensure that the mold is removed more efficiently. But, you will end up paying tens or hundreds of dollars depending upon the condition.


Clogged drains

This, too, is one of the most common issues faced by people. Clogged drains are a result of debris and hair getting accumulated in pipes. This stops the water flow, resulting in the water getting clogged in the sink and sometimes flowing back into the bathroom.

To get rid of clogged drains, you can either use a stream of hot water or use drainage products to flush the materials caught in the system. You will require a plunger to dislodge clogs in extreme and rare cases to resume water’s normal flow. Depending upon the severity, you can unclog the drains yourself, or you might require hiring a plumber.

Low water pressure

It happens due to the clogging of pipes due to sediments, debris, or other materials. However, one of the major reasons for low water pressure is the buildup of limescale and other minerals. The materials accumulate around the diameter of the pipe, shrinking the flow area. This results in a reduction of water pressure and the volume of water supplied.

To eliminate this issue, you can use homemade remedies like vinegar and baking soda mixed in hot water to drain the pipe or replace the affected plumbing.

Running toilet

While most households face the issue of clogging and water not passing through, there may be instances where the opposite might turn out to be an issue. One such example is of a constantly running toilet. Water may constantly drain from the toilet, resulting in high water bills.

This problem can be easily solved by checking the toilet tank. The problem may be due to a stuck flapper chain. All you need to do is to move the flapper chain and make some adjustments. In some cases, you might need to replace the chain. This, too, is a relatively easy task.

Some problems you might encounter will be easy to fix on your own with a short trip to the local hardware store. Others might require you to hire a professional plumber. Whatever the case, you must get your bathroom issues sorted at the earliest.

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