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How to Design the Perfect Bathroom for Your Spa Business

Many spa owners know that in order for a business to be successful, the services and facilities must be worth the price. Everything from the lobby area to the bathrooms must be well designed and relaxing. Even the bathrooms need to feel like a spa.

But how can you achieve that? Here are some tips that can help you make your spa bathroom a great part of the whole experience:

1. Provide enough privacy

Even if people are walking around in towels or bathrobes, guests will enjoy the bathroom more if they have enough privacy. For this reason, installing well-designed shower cubicles from New Zealand and other countries is a must. And we’re not talking about cubicles that you can peek under or over the stall easily. A good spa bathroom has tall partitions that allow customers to take a shower in full privacy.

2. Introduce relaxing scents

Just like the rest of the spa, aromatherapy can promote relaxation and stress relief in the bathroom. Place a diffuser in the bathroom and use soothing essential oils such as lavender, rose, and jasmine to introduce a relaxing scent to the room.

3. Put some greenery

Having plants inside a bathroom can further improve a guest’s spa experience since plants can reduce stress, improve mood, and give the room a “clean and natural” vibe. Place low-maintenance plants on the bathroom counters and corners. If you want, you can choose plants that give off a scent, such as a eucalyptus and mint.

4. Hang artworks

Whether it be a photograph or a painting, having artwork in a spa bathroom can visually elevate the space and give guests something to look at while they go about their tasks. Of course, choosing a piece of art with relaxing themes is essential for a spa, so avoid overly noisy or complicated pieces and choose visually soothing ones, such as nature photography or landscape paintings.

5. Use natural textures

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Spas use natural textures, such as wood and stone, to establish an aesthetic rooted in nature, which, in turn, promotes zen. That said, use natural stone and wood to make the bathroom feel less like a bathroom and more like an extension of the spa.

6. Lay down soft rugs

Stepping on cold tile or stone after a hot shower is not exactly relaxing. Provide soft rugs or mats outside shower stalls so guests can keep their feet warm and not drip water everywhere. As a safety precaution, having non-slip rugs outside wet areas will also help prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

7. Install warm lighting

Steer clear from harsh, white, fluorescent lights when designing your spa bathroom. Instead, go for warm, cozy lights that are bright enough to provide good illumination, but not too harsh at the same time. Light bulbs with color temperatures between 2,700 and 4,000 Kelvin should do the trick.

Bathrooms also play a significant role in the whole spa experience. When your guests enjoy your bathroom as much as the rest of the facility, you can expect a 5-star rating on your page almost undoubtedly.

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