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Let Your Blood Type Decide What House Plant to Get

Information about blood types is usually only useful when you’re donating and receiving blood. It’s something that people are aware of, but don’t think about. Sometimes, you even have to check your driver’s license or medical records to confirm your type. While it might be considered a passing tidbit in most parts of the world, the case is not true in Japan and Korea. They believe that one’s blood type can be predictive of a person’s disposition and personality, even in deciding marriage compatibility.

The Blood Type Personality theory is similar to the western’s idea of astrology and star signs. Each blood type has its specific characteristics, strengths, and dominant behaviors. Instead of asking birth signs like Sagittarius or Pisces, Japanese and Koreans will most likely ask about blood types in a first meeting. It’s a conversation starter to get to know a person better, whether they believe in it or treat it as a fun question to ask. Blood types can even give you an idea of what houseplant you should get. There might be a grain of truth to the method and help you find the perfect match for your personality.

Type A Blood: Zebra plants or Azaleas

If you have Type A blood, then you’re probably well-organized and meticulous about your actions. You believe that everything must be in proper order, with planning as your forte. It won’t come as a surprise if you schedule every activity, from grocery shopping to your house’s septic tank cleaning. Chaos and spontaneity are best reserved for television shows and movies, where they can’t harm the plans of real people.

With their elaborate and responsible nature, high-maintenance houseplants will grow under their care. The level of responsibility needed by plants like Azaleas and Zebra plants fit right in with Type-A individuals. They will keep an eye on every detail, from soil moisture and sunlight levels to humidity and amount of fertilizer.

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Type B Blood: Swiss Cheese plant or African Violets

People with Type B blood live and breathe creativity and novelty. They are the artists, marketing directors, and illustrators of the world. Making beautiful patterns and connections out of random and unrelated ideas is their superpower. Their hyperactive mind, though, will find menial and clerical work boring. That is why their houseplants should follow their colorful personalities. The interesting foliage of the Swiss Cheese plant and the bright color of African violets will fit nicely on a Type B’s desk.

Type AB Blood: Tillandsias or Under the Sea succulents

As a combination of blood types, individuals with AB blood are seen as dual-natured. They can be as detail-oriented as Type A’s or as uniquely creative as Type B’s. However, these personality shifts are why some people are wary of the AB’s. They can be eccentric and hard to follow, but what can you expect from a group of people with the rarest blood type in the world.

Plants that are weird and interesting would interest the Type AB. Under the Sea succulents with their underwater look or the Tillandsias that can get nutrients from the air are the perfect fit.

Type O Blood: Bromeliads or Spider plants

Considered as warriors by the Japanese, people with Type O blood are resilient and outgoing. They can improve the mood of the group with their optimism and fun nature. Though, they can also be regarded as selfish because of their lack of attention to permissible things. The best houseplants for them should also be extroverted and robust. The long-lasting flowers of Bromeliads and the adaptability of spider plants speak well of Type O’s personality.

Improving one’s home with houseplants is a popular trend, with everyone stuck at home. If you’re at a loss what to get next, then your blood type can give a clue on what botanical marvel can decorate that dull corner.

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