Going from From Backyard to Sports Yard

If your home has a spacious lawn, it can be used for many purposes. You can gather friends and family for important events there. The kids will have a blast if you convert the space into a playground. Never will they have to ask you to take them to the park, and they will surely have their playmates come over all the time. Those who have a green thumb will have a field day trying to populate the area with various plants and trees. They can make a flowering garden or a grove where they can harvest their favorite fruits.

You can also turn your backyard into a sports space. This will see a lot of activity in the area. It is great because it will help promote active living for you and your family. So even if you are at home, there would be ways for you to sweat it out.

Space Matters

Why does space matter in creating your sports yard? The games that you will play involves multiple participants, and they will need lots of movement. You do not want them to be cramped in a small area unable to do their moves freely. Some sports also would not be challenging enough without the distance factor. If you do not have space, there is the chance that you have to water down the game mechanics.


Tennis is a sport that many people around the globe are familiar with. This is probably the most popular among those games that require a racket or paddle. It can have up to four players, with the playing area being 78 feet long and 36 feet wide. It is split in the middle by a net that is 3-feet high. The large playing area means that you have to be a hard hitter and a fast runner. If you want a great workout for your arms, legs, and lots of cardio, give tennis a try.

table tennis


If you want to play something interesting in your backyard, you can contact a pickleball court building contractor on what the game needs. It is best described as a cross between ping-pong and tennis. The paddles closer in size to what you use in ping-pong, but the back and forth happens on the lawn instead of on a table. You will need your yard to be a bit larger than its court, which measures 44 feet long and 20 feet wide with a net right in the middle that is 34 inches high.

This extra room is needed so the participants could make the service at the beginning of each match, which they have to do outside the play area. The rules are very similar to tennis, but you can say that it is not as demanding physically. The pace of the game is more relaxed and the hardware needed is easy to carry.


Another sport that you can play on your lawn is badminton. It is yet another game that requires its players to use rackets. But Unlike tennis and pickleball, badminton is a volleying game, which means that the back and forth continues as long as the ball does not fall to the ground. The “ball” that is used here is called a shuttlecock. It is designed like a small parachute in looks and in physics.

You can hit it as hard as you can, but it will float on its way down. This is a big part of the strategy because as long as it is high up it can be hit easily by your opponent. You have to find a way to make it difficult for them, and one is to hit it at a downward angle.

A maximum of four players can play badminton or two in each team. The court size is 44 feet in length and 20 feet wide.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a game that tests the players’ throwing precision. It involves two kinds of balls. The pallino is the smaller one, and this serves as the goal of the match. Larger balls are used in the game proper, with each of the two opposing teams receiving 4 of them.

The length of a game in bocce ball depends on how many frames are agreed upon by the players. At the beginning of each frame, the pallino is thrown to the field first. The distance will dictate the difficulty for all the players involved. Each one will then get to throw their balls with the objective of getting as close to the pallino as possible, and the team that has the most wins the frame and gets a point.

With no court measurements to think of, bocce ball is a sport that is easy to set up on any lawn.

Make your backyard the most exciting part of your house by making it an area for playing some lawn sports. This will encourage friends and family to have fun and be more active. That will be a win for everyone, because not only will they be healthier, they will also have a great time doing it.

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