Creating A Shed Guesthouse In Your Backyard

A shed house is an excellent addition to every property. When you are looking for ideas to expand the space in your home, a shed is an inexpensive option. It is functional as it is attractive. Sheds, usually used for storage or as workshops, also increase the value of your property.

If you don’t have space in your home for guests who need to stay the night, a shed can solve your problem. Don’t let your visiting family sleep in the living room. A shed makes a perfect guest cottage, giving your visitors privacy and enough space. Making a shed is also cheaper than renovating your home for an additional room. They are perfect for the holidays when the family comes over to celebrate.

You can put in a double bed and a night table with storage space for clothes. However, here are some things that you will need to consider to make it a comfortable guesthouse that even you would want to sleep in.

A word of advice, though. You need to check local regulations if you need to secure some permits for the project that you have in your mind or what structures are allowed in your yard.

1. Windows

Some sheds do not come with windows, but if you want it for more than storage, then windows are a must. If your shed is located in your garden, it will give your guests a beautiful view of your lawn and vegetation. At least two windows are enough to let in natural light and fresh air.


Electricity is a fundamental need that you must have in your shed guesthouse. Aside from the apparent need for illumination, your guests would surely have gadgets with them that they will need to plug in. Make sure that you install enough electrical outlets for at least two guests. Wall-mounted warm lights will make the shed warmer and inviting. To make the experience more convenient for them, make sure that your Wi-Fi reaches the shed.

3. Plumbing

Your guests will need their own bathroom and toilet for their privacy unless the main house is close by. If you have the resources to spare, a private bath and toilet will be very much appreciated. Remember that this will require a water supply and proper drainage.

4. Insulation

Most sheds are made from plywood or boards. Install insulation for climate control and to make the shed guesthouse more comfortable and livable. Insulate the walls, doors, windows, and floors. Underfloor insulation is effective in providing climate control and helps reduce heat loss through the floors. When you insulate your shed guesthouse, you also allow some level of noise insulation.

5. Heating and Cooling

ShedIf your shed guesthouse is mostly used during the holidays, then you will need a space heater.  An air conditioner is necessary during the summer days. In short, you definitely will need both to ensure the comfort of your shed’s occupants. You can use ductless heating and cooling systems for your shed. This technology is usually used for detached buildings like your shed guesthouse. A ductless unit combines an outdoor unit and an interior air handler. It is usually mounted in the wall, which will save you some shed space.

Another option is a portable heating and cooling system. There are two types of portable air conditioners that you can use for your shed. One is vented through the window and sits on the floor. Another type is a window air conditioner. There are also available ductless systems that work as an A/C and a heating system.

The shed’s humidity is another concern that you must tackle. Too much moisture in your shed’s interior makes it susceptible to molds and can aggravate allergies. A portable dehumidifier removes excess moisture in the air and helps make the room more comfortable.

6. Fixtures and Other Personal Touches

After you have painted your shed to your desired color, it’s time put in the finishing touches. A bed, or two if you have space, a small couch, and a nice rug can make your shed guesthouse more warm and welcoming. Hang some artworks on the wall and curtains on the windows. A small coffee table by the window is perfect for some early morning coffee, or they can use it when they need to work on their laptops.

You can also add a shelf for some kitchen essentials such as a coffee-maker, microwave, or small refrigerator. If you have the resources, you can also install a small deck for your shed guesthouse. You can come over at night and share a few drinks under the stars on the patio deck. Just do not make your shed guesthouse too comfortable that your guests wouldn’t want to leave.

A shed is a versatile structure that can serve many functional and aesthetic purposes. Make family and guests feel welcome with a beautiful and cozy shed guesthouse in your yard. When you do not have guests over, you can also use it as a retreat for some needed me-time.

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