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Interior Design Suggestions for the Often Neglected Spaces

Expectations and reality could differ so much in interior designing. Often, inspirations we see in magazines and social media are promotional designs, intended to look sleek and sophisticated. But if you’re a family with children, it’s near impossible to maintain interiors with no virtual clutter.

Additionally, if you look at these photos, you don’t see family portraits, knickknacks gifted by friends and relatives, evidence that someone does live in those elegant homes. It doesn’t follow, of course, that they aren’t lived in. They’re just cleaned and prepared for the shoots. So instead of breaking your heart because you could not achieve these immaculate homes, pay attention to what you have.

If you also notice, these homes look well-put because all nooks and corners are given the same treatment as the main living areas. Let’s start looking at the spaces in your home you don’t pay much attention to when you do interior design.

Your garage

Most would think of their garage as a space to park their cars. And maybe store some things they don’t need inside the house. The result is an inhabitable space that has random things piled on one side.

While you would not spend a lot of time in your garage, treat it as part of your home. Putting all your unwanted stuff in the garage is like sweeping the dirt from your home and hiding them underneath the rug. Minimize your stored things by deciding to either throw, give, or repair things you remove from your home. Storage is like limbo for these things. It’s also likely that since you don’t see them anymore, you’d forget about them, and they’d end up unused, gathering cobwebs and dust.

Your garage should also have decent lighting and ventilation so that when you have people over to give your car some diesel services, it won’t be too inconvenient. Keep it clutter-free by having cabinets to store your things. The garage should also be occasionally cleaned so that the floor doesn’t get too dusty and grimy. Install windows or vents to let air circulate in it. Better yet, instead of the usual closed-up space, you could go for full windows. It’s stylish and would light up the room adequately.

garage interior

The toilet

Usually, people want a clean and functional toilet. But if you think about the time you spend in it every day, it’s one of the most important parts of the house. You prepare for the day’s work in the toilet so convert it into an inspiring space.

Think about how you’d feel when you’re in a spa. You could bring that luxurious feel into your toilet. Install a tub you could relax in after a tiring day. Separate your shower from your tub so that it doesn’t get stained from your daily shower use. Organize your bathing needs in a rack. Those that you’re not using should be stored in a cabinet so that they don’t clutter the space. Put some plants that thrive in humid spaces to give some freshness to your toilet. Air purifying plants, like the snake plant, would be a good option.

Regularly clean your toilet bowl so that it doesn’t stain. If you happen to have hard water running in your home, the calcium and other minerals can cause yellowish stains in bowls and tubs over time. But if they’re frequently cleaned, the build-up could easily be removed.

The entryway

The entryway is often treated as a storage area for your shoes, umbrellas, and whatever you need to grab before heading out of the house. Most homes would have a small entryway. But even then, it should be treated like the rest of the house. First of all, it’s the first part you go through when entering your home. It could affect your mood even if you don’t notice it.

Have a welcoming and relaxing entryway. Start by installing a shoe rack that could hide all your footwear. Racks with ventilation are the best as they allow air inside. Your shoes can get stinky if placed in tightly shut containers. Next, have a seat when you’re taking off or putting on your shoes. It could be a dual-purpose bench that could also hold some of your things like rain boots and umbrellas.

These spaces are crucial parts of your home. Sure, you don’t spend your time lounging in them, but they are important to how you go about your daily tasks. Make them as inviting as the rest of your home. It will also make your house look more put together and pleasing.

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