Your New Home: Ideas on Decorating from Scratch

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the global economic landscape. Nonetheless, one of the fastest industries to recover amid the crisis is the real estate market. Thanks to the all-time low mortgage rates, many people all over the world were able to realise this pipe dream of homeownership a reality.

In Australia, despite the dramatic impact of the pandemic, the real estate industry saw a surge in the number of Australians buying homes for the first time. Experts predicted that this trend is likely to be short-term due to the increasing housing prices brought about by increased demand and decreased listings.

Nonetheless, if you are one of those lucky aspiring homeowners who were able to purchase your own home, now is the time to think about how to decorate your new place to make it reflect the real you.

Decorating a home is no easy feat. After all, it reflects your personal sense of style, from picking items online like indoor doormats and carpets to buying furniture in stores. If you do it well, you will end up in a nice, comfortable place. But if you end up doing it poorly, chances are, you may have to re-do it. It would mean spending more money than you intend to.

Thus, to help you prevent unnecessary expenditures and save you the headache of decorating your home, here are some of the crucial tips you need to consider.

#1 Don’t Rush to the Furniture Store

All of us have heard the advice of avoiding grocery shopping when we are hungry, as it would likely lead to bad choices. Similarly, this holds true when you are out there buying furniture pieces. Never go furniture shopping in panic.

Whatever pieces you purchase hastily, you would have to stick to it. So plan carefully how you are going to furnish every room in your house. Do not just jump into it because your home looks empty.

#2 Take Measurements

The importance of matching the size of your furniture to the size of your room can never be overemphasised. Before you ever think about designing every room, arm yourself with a measuring tape, pen, and notepad and measure the length and width of each room you plan on decorating. Include the ceiling height and other elements that could block the way, such as window openings, columns, stairs, and radiators.

It is a common mistake for most homeowners to purchase items that are of the wrong size. It could be a sofa that is too big, tables that do not fit in the doorway, or too small tables. Thus, taking time to measure every room saves you from any of these unnecessary hassles.

#3 Make a Floor Plan

floor plan

Once you have the measurements of every room, you can then proceed with your floor plan. Having a floor plan gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire home. The most common way of creating a floor plan is using paper, pencil, and a ruler — the old-fashioned way. But nowadays, technology made it possible for professional designers to draft a floor plan using software such as AutoCAD.

Smartphone apps also make it super convenient and easy for homeowners to create a simple floor plan using the phone’s camera. Although you have to double-check the numbers to ensure you have the right measurements.

When you have the outline of your space, you may then experiment with furniture placements to ensure your home has the right traffic flow.

#4 Learn from the Experts

It can really be overwhelming when decorating your home. You would want to put everything you like, right? If you feel overwhelmed about how your home should reflect your personal style, you may check home magazines, design books, and online resources for inspiration. Find out what interior design you can relate to the most.

#5 Have a Budget

Just as important as the others, you need to get your finances together. When furnishing your home, it necessarily entails spending some cash. If you mindlessly splurge on an item, you might end up with no money to spare furnishing the rest of the house.

With a thoughtfully made budget, you can strategically spend your money beautifying your home. Having a budget gives you a clear road map of how much you can spend on every item in every room.

Layer Over Time

Do not rush into furnishing your new home right away. It is not running content. The more you spend time in your home, the more you know what you need and how to make it look better.

So, stick with some basics, at least for now — your flooring, storage spaces, doormats, lighting, tables, sofas, and chairs, and window treatments.

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