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Creative Ideas for Styling Your Outdoor Spaces for Fall

There is nothing quite like autumn. For people who love the look and atmosphere of fallen leaves, earthy colors, and warm, cozy aesthetics, fall is like the gift that keeps on giving. Not to mention, it’s the season that paves the way for Halloween and Thanksgiving, which makes it one of the best seasons for those who love these holidays.

It’s also the best time to spend some time in our outdoor living spaces since it’s neither too hot nor too cold. If you want to make your yards look extra special even when summer ends, here are some tips for styling your home’s outdoor spaces for autumn.

Think of a common thread or concept

You want to ensure that your styling remains cohesive and organized. Otherwise, you run the risk of having a front yard or a backyard that has no coherent theme. What you want are spaces that look like they were well-thought-out and planned, instead of just putting up every fall-related decorative element you can find and calling it a day. Here are some examples of a unifying theme or common thread you can use when thinking of a design:

  • Color palette (choose three complementary colors at most)
  • Texture
  • Shape

By ensuring that every design element you use has similar features, your spaces will look more sophisticated and well-thought-out.

Mind your landscaping

If you and your family spent a lot of time in the front yard and backyard during the summer, then your landscaping might need some tender loving care before you even think about putting up decorations or styling it. By the time fall rolls around, your grass is either dead or withered, which is why it might be a good time to consider planting Kikuyu turf, which is known for being the best choice for residential lawns because of its strong root system, lush appearance, high tolerance for droughts, fast and expensive growth, and resistance to wear.

Early autumn is also the best time to lay turf and plant new grass, so make sure to mind your landscaping before you put up new decorations. It will give your outdoor living spaces are more manicured and polished look, and a fresh lawn will help make your decorations and ornaments look better, too.

Choose distinctly autumn styles

Here are some decorative elements you need to add to your concept, regardless of what theme you’re going for:

  • Pumpkins of different shades and colors
  • Cotoneaster and beautyberry branches
  • Ornamental grasses and kales
  • Arbors with cornstalks that look dried out
  • Arranged gourds
  • Decorative lamp posts
  • Wood crates
  • Live plants
  • DIY garlands with earthy tones
  • Seasonal sign or greeting

When choosing decorative elements, make sure that they evoke the feeling of autumn.

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Light it up

Since autumn signals the start of shorter days, lighting becomes so much more than just about creating ambiance; it’s about ensuring safety for everyone, too. Here are some lighting design ideas you can explore for fall:

  • Warm-toned string lights to give your yard a fairytale-like atmosphere
  • Decorative lamp posts to add a touch of nostalgia and whimsy
  • Lanterns to add a festive feel

Add texture

When designing your outdoor living spaces for autumn, you cannot neglect your furniture. Add texture to your space by incorporating cozy pillows, fluffy blankets, and throws that are autumnal in look, pattern, color, and design. These places will be where you, your family, and guests can enjoy some hot cocoa during the season, so making it feel festive is a wonderful way to enjoy the coming of the cooler months.

Follow basic interior design rules

All these seasonal design elements may be well and good, but if you don’t follow the basic principles of interior design and styling, your outdoor living spaces can look like a theme park real fast. There is a way to design spaces using these conceptual ornaments without sacrificing elegance and tastefulness. Here are some basic principles you need to remember when styling your outdoor spaces:

  • Balance is all about creating a sense of equilibrium in your space.
  • Rhythm entails creating visual interest through interesting patterns of contrast and repetition.
  • Harmony ensures that every element in your space works together to create a whole that makes sense.
  • Emphasis is all about finding a focal point that will influence the rest.
  • Proportion ensures that everything in the space is to scale.

The changing of seasons is a reminder that we can start all over again, so allow yourself to be excited by preparing your home for the new season.

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