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Outdoor Living: Setting Up An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have become one of the most sought-after features in any home. At the height of the global pandemic, many residents felt too confined after spending extensive hours indoors. This developed a new appreciation for outdoor spaces.

The discovery of a vaccine promises an inevitable return to normalcy. In the meantime, people are still wary about going out to various places. They would rather host gatherings with friends and family at home. This is what prompted the increase in demand for outdoor kitchens.

Keep It Al-Fresco

A decent-sized backyard became an appropriate blank canvas for residents to extend their living spaces. Having so much room offers limitless possibilities, but outdoor kitchens are one of the major outdoor living trends currently taking over households.

It’s the perfect private space for entertaining or relaxing just past anybody’s doors. Of course, there’s still plenty of things to consider when creating an outdoor kitchen. One of the most essential aspects of this build is equipping it with the necessary outdoor appliances.

Outdoor Sink

Installing an outdoor sink provides a lot of utility and convenience. From cleaning food to washing dishes, having this fixture will surely complete any outdoor kitchen. Consider getting a stainless steel sink fitted with a high-arching faucet to make washing a breeze.

One of the biggest challenges for this particular equipment is the waterline. While it’s easy to connect a line directly from the house, it would need to be insulated for drastic drops in temperature. Others opt for using a garden hose instead to make it easily detachable, especially during winter.


Plenty of residents are also choosing to include various systems of refrigeration in their outdoor kitchens. They would often go for ice makers, wine refrigerators, or drawer refrigerators that are able to better withstand outdoor elements.

Having an outdoor refrigerator is a luxury, but it’s also functional. It keeps drinks chilled, from kids’ water for children to alcoholic beverages for adults. Condiments are also kept closer, so they’re easily accessible for cooking. It saves residents a lot of time rather than constantly going in and out of the house.

Grill Units

It wouldn’t be a proper outdoor kitchen without a place to grill on. Oftentimes this would be the only appliance that people go for. Finding the perfect grill for an outdoor kitchen can be a monumental task. While it offers a lot of functionality, it can also be limiting as well.

Make sure to purchase a stainless steel grill unit that will last against harsh weather and other external factors. It’s also important to consider the number of burners, especially when cooking for bigger groups. For spaces that are more confined, there are compact urban grillers that will save a lot of space.

Auxiliary Burner

Side burners are the perfect pair for grill units. It allows people to cook other types of food without having to rely on the grill. This appliance is usually an afterthought in the process of outfitting an outdoor kitchen, but it’s a valuable item to have.

Most grills usually have at least one or two integrated auxiliary burners. This is great for convenience, but not so much for versatility. Sometimes these burners aren’t as effective. It is highly suggested that residents should go for separate burners that can be built-in or plugged-in instead.

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Outdoor Oven

Outdoor kitchens are usually used to prepare big meals, like pizza, for gatherings. Having an outdoor oven would be the perfect place to cook these types of food. There’s a wide selection of these appliances readily available.

Outdoor ovens offer a lot of variety in outdoor kitchens. Residents can opt for gas or electric ovens. There are also built-in and countertop versions. Some people even prefer more DIY solutions like brick, wood-fired ovens. Regardless, this appliance will surely prove to be useful.

Outdoor Space With A Purpose

The increase in demand for outdoor kitchens is fueled by people’s want to reconnect. After almost a year of lockdowns and sheltering-in-place, residents are looking for safer alternatives to host gatherings. Their expansive, open-air outdoor living spaces are able to provide that avenue.

Setting up an outdoor kitchen is not an easy task by any means. Aside from procuring the appropriate appliances, residents also have to plan the entire process out. As with any home improvement project, they have to set a budget and gather the right professionals for the job. Designing the space for longevity and accessibility is also crucial.

The trend for outdoor kitchens was prompted by the coronavirus, but it will remain even in the post-pandemic era. In the end, having an outdoor kitchen will definitely elevate anybody’s home. It will truly be a worthwhile investment for any homeowner.

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