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Zen Homes: How are They Made?

The term Zen actually has Indian, Chinese, and Japanese roots. It’s a concept that reached the western hemisphere of the world in the 19th century. Unfortunately, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one and exact definition of the term. But for the most part, it means ultimate enlightenment.

It’s a form of meditation that allows a person to achieve peace and calm within himself. When incorporated in construction and interior design, Zen is a minimalistic approach that prioritizes feelings of relaxation and well-being. And it has various benefits, too!

Benefits of Zen Homes

The first thing that people benefit from when their interior design is based on Zen is increased focus and concentration. This is why Zen offices are becoming more and more popular. When people can concentrate, they are more productive.

People are also able to create thorough plans and follow through with them. When people are relaxed, they have a longer attention span. In addition, they also have increased creativity. This allows people to think outside of the box and find solutions to various problems. It even helps with memory.

The best part about having Zen interior design is that it has an immediate effect on mood. It increases energy levels by decreasing stress hormones and increasing the production of happy chemicals in the brain. That’s how people relax and calm down in the first place.

How Do You Create a Zen Home?

  • Zen Colors

The first thing that people should remember when creating a Zen home is to prioritize colors. Plain and minimalistic colors promote Zen. One of the colors that you can prioritize is blue because this represents tranquility. It’s the most favorite color across the globe.

Blue is relaxing and calming and allows you to concentrate. That’s why shades of blue are also perfect for offices and classrooms. It will enable people to be inspired and productive. Another color you might want to explore is green, as this is the color of nature.

Green is relaxing and makes people more active. It draws them towards forests, lakes, and rivers and gives an outdoor vibe. It’s perfect for working and studying, too.

Other colors that people will love to incorporate in Zen rooms are neutral colors like white, grey, beige, and even brown. You combine these colors by using them on the walls and floors. They can enlighten the atmosphere of any room.

  • Incorporation of Natural Materials

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You should also invest in Zen flooring by incorporating various Japanese and Chinese concepts. You want to use minimalistic and natural materials or those close to nature. That’s where wood and stone come in. Although quite obviously, the favorite material is wood.

Wooden floors are great at creating a Zen atmosphere because, first of all, they’re natural. Their colors and texture also draw you towards nature, which is why they’re calming and relaxing. To protect your wooden tiles, you might want to invest in high-quality epoxy floor sealers. Talk to your constructor or professionals about your various choices in protecting wooden floors.

You may also incorporate stone walls. These are very popular in most Zen homes. The priority will always be harmony and balance in design and function. You want a home that is clean and minimalistic to induce Zen.

  • Zen Lighting

The next thing you want to prioritize is lighting. Zen lighting is slightly dimmer than ordinary lighting. Although it also uses a lot of natural light from windows and skylights.

When it comes to Zen lighting, we want gentle light fixtures. So instead of having direct lighting, we want the ambiance that comes from reflecting light. That means we can reflect lighting from the walls or the ceilings. Lamps will also be great.

Just remember that you want gentle lighting and not dim ones. When the lighting is too dark, it often zaps energy levels and induces people to sleep. You don’t want harsh lighting either because that often causes headaches.

  • Ergonomic Furniture

Finally, you think about the furniture. Zen homes have straightforward furniture made of natural materials. Again, the favorite is wood. Wood is excellent because of its color and texture. It adds warmth to any place.

Invest in ergonomic furniture because there are not only comfortable, but they’re also good for your health. They help you relax and meditate better. Try to avoid highly bright colors or those with intricate designs. When you think about Zen furniture, you think dainty and straightforward.

You don’t want clutter. You want a clean and straightforward atmosphere to create a Zen home. And when it comes to furniture, you might want to choose low-to-ground ones. This could be additions of floor cushions over ordinary sofas and chairs.

Zen is a state of mind that becomes a straightforward, minimalistic, and relaxing approach to balance and harmony when incorporated into the construction and interior design. It’s a great idea if you want to come home to a welcoming and calming place. Start your Zen journey today.

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