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What to Do When Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Mom for the First Time

Meeting your girlfriend’s mother for the first time is a milestone in your relationship. It’s a way of declaring your interest to her little girl and letting her know that you want more than just casual dating. For most men, it is one of the terrifying experiences and nerve-racking interviews in their life.

When you’re meeting your girl’s mother in their home in Phoenix, you are no longer anonymous. You are putting a face on your name, and you need to establish a good first impression if you want her mom’s approval. Your behavior, appearance, and personality during your visit will be the basis for her perception of you. Here’s how you can make a positive impression:

Mind your appearance

You might feel not so confident because you are driving a used SUV , but your girlfriend’s mom won’t be focusing on your car. She will check your looks and notice the small details of your outfit. The way you dress will give your girlfriend’s mother a clue whether you’re taking her seriously or you care less about meeting her and getting her approval. Don’t wear a fancy suit if it’s not your style. It will be an additional discomfort, and you’ll get more nervous.

However, do not show up appearing like you freshly rolled out of your bed; she will take it as a sign of disrespect. A button-down shirt, slacks, and a watch is a safe choice for most occasions. Do not wear wrinkled clothes, and remember to polish your shoes. Take a thorough shower, get a nice haircut, and shave that mustache.

Avoid constant and excessive PDA

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Showing affection is a beautiful gesture, but don’t be touchy-feely in front of your girlfriend’s mother. No one feels comfortable watching excessive PDA, and for the most part, it grosses everyone out. While she understands that you are both young and in love, your girlfriend’s house during your first visit is not the right place and time to be extremely affectionate. If you’re staying over, respect the house rules by staying in a separate room.

Limit your liquor (or don’t drink at all)

Alcohol will calm your nerves, but intoxication will alter your behavior and loosen your self-control. You might be speaking loudly without noticing it, doing embarrassing things, or getting blackout drunk. Drinking too much at the first meeting is a guaranteed disaster.

Be a good conversationalist

Talking with your girlfriend’s mom for the first time can be intimidating. Your conversation might include awkward silences and tension. However, you have to engage with her no matter how introverted you are. You might be tempted to seek comfort from checking your phone, but she might find it rude.

The purpose of your meeting is to get to know each other. When you’re on your phone during your conversation, she will feel ignored. Show her that you’re interested in giving her your full attention, asking relevant questions about her stories and giving sincere compliments.

Making a good first impression on your girlfriend’s mother will free you from potential emotional barriers and make it easier to establish a lasting relationship. It can be challenging to befriend her at the first meeting, but your genuine effort will break the shell in time.

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