Types of Adhesives and Sealants Used in Construction

Sealants and adhesives are among the most important tools in construction. They have a wide range of uses, such as joining parts together, getting rid of leaks and holes, and improving the structural integrity of the building. If you are looking for construction materials and equipment such as dry lining sanding and plastering tools, don’t forget to buy the right type of sealants and adhesives as well.

1. Tapes

The tape is the most basic adhesive tool that is used in many applications, not just construction. However, if you are planning to renovate your house, you would need the following types of adhesive tapes:

  • Painter’s tape. Protects baseboards when painting
  • All-purpose tape. Can be used to secure dust guards or plastic sheets without leaving sticky residue on surfaces
  • Electrical tape. Seals electrical wires
  • Double-sided tape. Used for splicing, mounting, and joining all sorts of material
  • Masking tape. Peels off easily and can be used as a marker
  • Warning tape. Acts as a barrier or warning for people in the house and immediate area

2. Grab adhesives

This type of adhesive typically comes in glue form and is used to join materials without the use of nails or screws. The most common types of grab adhesives used in construction are the following:

  • Resins. Polymer-based and can be remolded before the curing process ends
  • Acrylic. Requires a certain amount of time to set and dry
  • Hot melt. Generally used for temporary or permanent bonding, since the glue can be re-melted with heat
  • Spray. Can be used for all types of applications, but needs proper ventilation

3. Sealants


Sealants are used to fill gaps, form barriers, and maintain sealing properties in construction. Like adhesives, there are different types of sealants that have diverse functions, such as:

  • Silicone. Used to provide thermal resistance, excellent adhesion, and proper movement
  • Acrylic. Commonly used for outdoor projects due to their UV resistance
  • Polysulfide. More durable than other types of sealants, but also more expensive; offers great UV resistance and flexibility
  • Polyurethane. Gives good adherence to different surfaces, making it the ideal choice for DIYers and contractors

4. Expanding foam

Spray or expanding foam is used for a lot of different types of projects like insulation and sealing. If you don’t know how expanding foam works, it is a product that expands and hardens upon application when it comes in contact with air. You can get expanding foam in small cans with spray nozzles or in industrial-grade gallon tanks.

Moreover, expanding foam also has different levels of expansion. Low expansion foam is typically used for windows and doors, while high expansion foam is used to fill larger gaps.

5. Small high-strength adhesives

As a DIY or construction enthusiast, you should always have a small container of high-strength adhesives in your storage area. Get an industrial-grade superglue that will help you seal small tears, fix loose wallpaper or carpet, and stick two delicate materials together, among other small tasks.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced DIYer who wants to do some renovation in the house, you need to know the things you will use in your construction project. This will help ensure a positive outcome.

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