Home-Based Hub: Suggestions for Making a Gathering Place for Artists

Many artists long for their ideal space to work in, but not all of them get to realize it. You might be one of the few who do, and are thinking of purchasing property in order to create your art in peace. But what if you help provide other artists with a place to gather, inspire each other, and produce work that they’ve wanted to? Here are some ideas that you can implement in an art hub based in your very own home.

Make It Feel Like Home – The charm of a home-based artist hub lies in the fact that it’s located in someone’s residence. In this case, it’s uniquely yours, the one you chose from the many house listings in Daybreak. Sure, people can create online groups or meet up in conventions, but there’s something different about encouraging a gathering at home. Because of that, go all out and maximize your space’s comfort factor. For example, you can get yourself relaxing furniture, or you can hold a potluck where people can meet, greet, and eat.

Artists’ Supply – Every artist knows the pain of running out of supplies when they need them. Those who work with traditional media are always in need of materials such as paints, pencils, and markers. Even those who are into the digital forms aren’t safe, requiring replacement nibs for their pen tablet styluses, new tablets, or updated versions of their programs. With your artist hub, you can choose to provide your neighborhood with these supplies, especially the hard-to-find items. It’s up to you if you want to sell or lend out these items.

art materials

Learning Opportunities – Tools are only a small part of an artist’s development. The bigger part is composed of study and practice of skills and techniques. When you have an artist hub, people of different levels and specialties can gather and learn from each other. This can be a good opportunity to organize regular events that focus on, say, certain media or skills. You can even hold workshops on related fields, such as business and careers. This can be inspiring especially for those who are starting out on their creative journey.

Attracting Sponsors – Speaking of supplies and workshops, your artist hub can also benefit from getting local businesses and professionals to support it. Maybe you can offer to become a retailer for a certain brand, or you can hold a seminar headed by an expert. These partnerships can generate the business and promotion that they need, and your group can boost their knowledge, skillset, and supplies. It can be a win-win situation for the two parties when you negotiate properly. Respect your worth as artists and aim for a fair exchange.

If you have fellow artists in the neighborhood, creating a home-based hub can be just what the local community needs. What’s great about it is that you also give yourself the chance to grow a lot faster than if you tried to stick it out by yourself. Don’t be afraid to be generous with your space and reach out to the people around you who are lacking in opportunities when it comes to their art.

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