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Tiny Houses vs. RVs: Which is Better?

Living in a tiny space has been viewed as a practical choice for some time now. Others conclude that they don’t need that much housing space ⏤ it’s expensive and unnecessary with their needs. There has been a bit of a problem with choosing the better choice for a tiny living space: a recreational vehicle or a tiny home

Tiny homes or tiny houses have been trendy for some time now. They are small-spaced homes that take convenience and affordability to new heights. They are less than a thousand square feet or less and contain one cohesive space ⏤ there are no rooms, everything flows in one big space. Living in a tiny home doesn’t mean that you would sacrifice comfort over costs.

Meanwhile, RVs or recreational vehicles are. They can be categorized as camper trailers, campers, motor homes, pop-up campers, and the like. They include some living space, a bathroom, and a small kitchen since they’re made especially for trips on wheels.

With an RV


Choosing an RV to live in would mean lower electricity bills, zero water bills, and you won’t have to pay for property taxes. You also don’t need a lot of furniture, cleaning products, house tools, and will have control of your living costs. They are also cheaper since you can just buy a vintage camper and renovate the interiors.

If you love traveling, an RV will be a treat for you since you will find it easier to roam around with everything you have. You can drive locally, go on road trips, and park on camping sites. But RVs are not insulated for colder temperatures since they are not built for winter. Although they can park somewhere warm when this happens.

RVs are subject to regulations and have ample space for parking like campgrounds and national parks. They also have holding tanks for freshwater and bathroom water ⏤ there is no need for a sewer system, unlike a tiny home. But cleaning the tanks can be a bit messy afterward.


But of course, with the benefits and perks comes big responsibility. Recreational vehicles need maintenance and repairs. You would have to get it checked at least once or twice every three months. Prepare a budget for a tire change, oil change, a check-up on air filters, cables, and especially an auto glass repair service since there might be cracks causing air and dust pollutants to get inside your vehicle.

The choice for the interior is also limited since they’re already built and are sold as-is. If you want them to look like something based on your preference, you can buy second-hand RVs and renovate the interior like what other people are doing nowadays.

The tiny home


Tiny homes are the perfect choice if you want a living space that would still look like a real house. Owners have shared that they prefer this type of house to an RV since they want to feel permanent in one space. They did not want to feel like they were on their way to a camping or hiking trip all the time.

Tiny houses have better insulation compared to recreational vehicles since they are built from the ground up. They are also easily customizable. You can design every part and furniture depending on your preference. It is easier to keep the area with your temperature preference depending on your location and is more manageable to keep sounds inside.


With the cons, tiny homes do not have holding tanks for freshwater like RVs. You would need a water source and a sewer to have a functional water system. This kind of home also needs an electric course and will need to be plugged in for lights and other electrical devices.

They might also be harder to insure since they are built as workarounds to local codes and regulations. It is difficult to find a space to build them legally. But there are places that allow them, you just have to do your research.

And if you are on a tight budget, a tiny home might not be for you since it will still require a bit of a hefty budget. A tiny home would be built from the ground up and you would have to buy every material and furniture. Nonetheless, it would still be cheaper than a normal-sized house.

Both an RV and a tiny home need maintenance despite the small space. If you wish to live in a small space but want to often travel, an RV might be the best choice. But if you want a normal-looking house with more space and better insulation then a tiny home might be the one for you. Or if you cannot choose, why not mix the two? There are people converting tiny homes and putting them on wheels. Both of them have a lot to offer, it really just depends on your taste and preference.

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