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Sunday Dinner: The Tradition Every Family Needs to Bring Back

Back in the day before the advent of technology, many families enjoyed a weekly routine of eating a meal together on Sundays. It didn’t matter if it was lunch after church or eating an early evening supper under the stars, families made it a point to spend time together with loved ones during the special day. After all, the family that eats together are the ones that thrive together.

If you want a way to stay connected to your loved ones, it’s time to bring back the tradition of having ‘Sunday dinner.’ Here are four things you can do to make it extra special.

Have Dessert or Games Outside With a Cozy Fire

Nothing beats eating your favorite snacks or playing games with the family in the outdoors. Spending time outdoors helps the whole family unwind even if it’s just in your backyard. You can make the atmosphere more comfortable by setting up coffee and dessert by youroutdoor fireplaces. Many homes in cities across the country can benefit from the warmth and cozy ambience of having a fire in an outdoor living space.

If you have many kids in the family, make your family time outdoors more fun by holding ‘tournaments’ and rewarding the winner with prizes, or do a weekly ‘smores’ night around the fire.

Read and Drink Coffee Without Tablets and Smartphones

If you’re a family that loves to read and caffeine, what better way to spice up your Sunday dinners by reading and drinking coffee? Make the moment more memorable by implementing a ‘no gadget rule.’ This rule includes no use of tablets, phones, laptops, or any technology while sipping a cup of coffee and chatting away with your loved ones or reading a great book surrounded by your family.

Staying away from technology once in a while is good for building and maintaining relationships, especially in a time when a lot of families consider ‘family time,’ as sitting in the same room while everyone’s typing and swiping away on their separate devices.

Watch a Movie Outside as a Family

Watching a movie with the family is a great way to spark up different kinds of conversations after the film or simply having a good time with everyone. Watching movies outside can either mean visiting your local movie theater or setting up a cozy outdoor theater at home. If you plan on doing the latter, you can achieve this by setting up a projector screen, a couple of chairs, and blankets outside. Don’t forget to pop a few kernels for an authentic movie experience.

Have a Cozy a Relaxed Home-cooked Dinner with the Family

family dinner

An essential aspect of creating or bringing back a Sunday dinner tradition is food. You can prepare anything you’d like or dedicate a ‘food theme’ to a particular family member every week. But if you’re looking for diversity, potluck-style dinners are a fantastic way to achieve this. A potluck dinner is when each family member brings a dish they cooked at home, allowing everyone to try each other’s cooking.

However, no matter the menu, preparing and eating Sunday dinner with your loved ones is one tradition that nothing can beat, bringing families together while creating, maintaining, and celebrating bonds.

Sunday dinners aren’t limited to the day itself, and there are at least sixteen opportunities a week to eat together. Take advantage of this and spend time with the family for good food and long-lasting memories.

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