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Turning Your House Into a Multigenerational-Friendly Home

These days, more families of different generations are moving into a single home. It is either the adult kids moving back to their senior parent’s nest or vice versa. In 2019 alone, boomerang buyers flocked the market, needing a bigger house to accommodate their larger spatial needs.

Now that more family members are living under one roof, privacy and spatial issues are a growing concern. As we quarantine in place, there is a need to ensure social distancing, even at home. This is especially true among members who still work outside and in families where there are members more at risk of getting the virus.

If you recently accepted other family members into your home, then there is definitely a need to make sure everyone gets to enjoy a comfortable space to stay. If this is more like a permanent living arrangement, then you can consider investing in certain home improvement projects. This will help make more living space for everyone to enjoy as continue to shelter in place.

But what projects should you work on? Here are some ideas you can explore for your multigenerational home situation:

Consider Room Extensions

Depending on the amount of space and kinds of room needed, you can invest in a room extension or two. Consider the needs of every member and check what their crucial spatial needs are. You have lots of options to choose from, so make sure to check if your preferred extension requires a permit or not.

For instance, your family could use more outdoor living space where everyone can enjoy lazy afternoons. Consider adding glass enclosures for your porch. Such addition can help ensure the safety of your family while they lounge in your receiving area.

A sunroom is another excellent addition that allows your family to enjoy more sunlight during the daytime. They no longer need to feel the extreme heat as you can install a ceiling fan to make the sunroom’s temperature more comfortable. Since staying at home becomes a must during the crisis, it only makes sense to invest in room extensions so you can still enjoy the outdoors without leaving the house.

If you have an unfinished basement, now is the perfect time to make the best use of the space. You can turn this into an extra bedroom, a study room for the kids, or even your own home office. Just make sure you prep the area and get rid of molds, pests, and other common basement issues before allowing anyone to use the area.

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Improve Your Home’s Accessibility

There are some homeowners who have family members with limited mobility. Some could even be dependent on their cranes, walkers, or wheelchair. It is crucial that you make your home accessible enough to ensure their comfort and safety.

For seniors and members with limited mobility, it is best that you offer them a bedroom on the ground floor of your home. Get rid of any unnecessary clutter and things where they can slip or fall. You might need to install grab bars in their bathroom and handrails on long hallways.

It is also best if your entryway has no stairs. If there is one, you have the option to install a ramp or add a railing on your front porch steps. don’t forget about keeping the house well-lit or risk your loved ones stripping or falling.

Even if you have no family member with limited mobility or seniors at risk of numerous injuries, accessibility is still crucial. Your family will benefit from bigger hallways, an open concept layout in common areas, and larger doors. The more space there is for moving around, the less cramped the house will look and feel.

Craft Double Duty Rooms

If you have limited space at home, then what you can do is to pull off rooms that can serve at least two purposes. For instance, your large enough kitchen can serve as an extension of your dining room. You can add a breakfast nook so that some family members can eat here while others use the dining room.

You can also add a disappearing guest room, perfect for family members that need as much space as they can. You can install a blow-up mattress that you can hide after sleeping. Leveraging on your vertical space is one of the smartest ways to get the most out of a small living space.

The kid’s bedroom can serve as their study area, provided you get rid of their distractions. If you have a home office, consider turning this into another living area when not in use. Instead of a single activity room, embrace flexibility so that your family can do more while at home.

You should base the kinds of projects you will tackle on your family’s needs. Consider the number of people who are now living with you, their unique needs, and your budget. There are lots of projects to choose from that you can indulge in to make your home the perfect place for your multigenerational family.

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