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Designing with Old Wood: 12 Ways to Reuse Reclaimed Wood Around the House

Homebuyers and homeowners alike think about making the most out of their property. Whether it’s intended to be flipped on the market or used as a primary dwelling, most people who are on the lookout for an affordable property for sale think of how they can improve it and increase its value.

When it comes to architecture and interior aesthetics, old wood is one of the tried and tested materials that designers turn to.

Reclaimed wood possesses unique and distinct characteristics that make it aesthetically pleasing regardless of how it is used, especially around the home. Its timelessness enhances a property’s visual appeal when it is used right.

1. Rustic Dining Table

table wood

Make dining an interesting experience for you and your guests by reusing a huge slab of old wood as a dining table. This step-by-step DIY will teach you how to make one for your home.

2. Pallet Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens have continued to grow in popularity over the past few years. With an interest in plants and gardens making a huge comeback, don’t be left out of the action by building a vertical garden at home with old pallets.

3. Console Table Pallet

Pallets really have other creative uses if you just know how to look for them. They not only make for great upright gardens but if you make a pallet stand and put a plank of another type of old wood on it, you can easily make a console or entryway table.

4. Barnwood Accent Ceiling

Ceilings are often ignored in typical homes. If you have a plain old ceiling, take it a notch or two higher by installing old wooden planks or boards on it to give the room a country and cozy vibe.

5. Kitchen Island

wood kitchen island

There are two ways around this, One, you can build a kitchen island from scratch out of several pieces of reclaimed wood. Two, you can either decorate the sides of your existing kitchen island with old wood panels and boards or replace the countertop with a larger slab of wood.

6. Cottage-Style Antique Bed

If you want to add some character and personality to a bedroom, one of the best ways to do it is to age it up with an antique bed. Just imagine all the nights you will be spending on a cozy cottage-style bed.

7. Full-Sized Pallet Deck

Let’s take it outdoors for a sec. If you don’t already have a deck, you might want to consider building one out of pallets. Take several larger pallets and lay them out nicely until you get the size and layout you want. Then put them all together and touch it up with paint and varnish and voila! Instant outdoor deck for the family to chill in.

8. Pallet Sectional

In keeping with a pallet-themed deck, you can take a few smaller pallets and convert them into a comfy sectional for your deck. Spruce it up and add some foam and a few pillows and you’re all set.

9. Old Wood Flooring

wooden floor

Wood flooring has been one of the classiest types of flooring. You just can’t go wrong with wood for your flooring. You can get strips of salvaged wood at low prices to use for your flooring to give it an elegant and expensive look without going bankrupt.

10. Reclaimed Wood as Beams in Exposed Ceilings

Old wood is not just great aesthetically. It’s also a great structural material to use as support beams. Using reclaimed wood beams and installing them in your home with an exposed ceiling gives it a country feel without compromising your home’s structural integrity.

11. Wood Plank Accent Walls

Instead of painting a section of your walls differently to create an accent wall, you can use reclaimed wood planks or boards to make an interesting accent wall for your home. You can further enhance your accent wall and put up a wall gallery that will complement your wooden wall.

12. Kitchen Storage

Old wood added to any kitchen makes the space more interesting and vibrant. It gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling that reminds you of childhood visits to your grandparents’ house and enjoying delicious food with the family. Installing reclaimed wood cabinets and shelves in the kitchen will help give you that familiar warmth and fuzziness.

Indeed, reclaimed wood is an architectural marvel that should never be underestimated. It is tough yet inexplicably beautiful. Classic. Timeless. Magnificent.

Do you know of other brilliant decorative ideas for reclaimed wood? Does your home possess some old wood charm? Share them with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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