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Say Hello to a Low-maintenance Kitchen

A home kitchen is full of activities. Meal preparations involve many stages. It is not surprising then for a kitchen to accumulate dirt fast. Few homemakers would profess to enjoy cleaning and scrubbing. But, cleanliness in this part of the house is non-negotiable. It is more enjoyable to eat food prepared in a tidy space.

As such, homeowners must be wise in choosing materials that they would use in their kitchen. They should also learn some cleaning hacks and proper placement of kitchen elements. Here are some practical tips for keeping areas of your kitchen in a low-maintenance state.


Your countertop receives a great deal of action when it comes to food preparation. There are chances that it may encounter heat, spills, scratches, or even some pounding. As such, you need to choose a material that can withstand such scenarios. Countertops made of quartz come on top of the choices.

Quartz is non-porous thus is impermeable to liquid. You would not have to worry about stains. This is applicable even with acidic substances like coffee, wine, or tomato extracts. This material also boasts impeccable durability. Any home cook would not have to be always on the lookout for chips, cracks, or scratches on their countertop. Quartz can tolerate heat of up to 150 degrees. Thus, it is important to use hot pads before setting pots and pans from the stove.

Cleaning your countertop should be on a regular basis. Make it a habit to wipe after every use. Also, keep it clear. Do not clutter your countertop with jars and kitchen equipment. Put back all these items to their places.


Tile is the most popular material for a backsplash. But, the grout lines of tiles make it hard to maintain. It is easy for grime and grease to settle in its crevices. If you want to use tile for your backsplash, choose ones with larger formats that have fewer grout lines.

Full-sheet materials like back-painted glass or laminate make backsplash maintenance easier. Stone slabs are also excellent alternatives and come in various veining patterns. If you want a more industrial look, a metal backsplash like copper or steel would suit your kitchen well. The idea is to balance beauty and practical care because it is possible to have both.



Undermount sinks are better because you can wipe messes straight into them. When you have an overmount sink, some mess can get caught on its edge trims. Having two sinks is advisable because it makes clean up faster. You may also look at the idea of having an integrated drainboard. This addition would keep water from pooling around your sink area when you set wet dishes, pots, or pans.

Do not assume that your sink is clean because of the great amount of water and soap it receives all day. But, the direct contact with food particles and stagnant water makes the sink home for germs. Thus, make it a routine to clean and dry your sink every night. You can also use some kitchen materials for some deep-cleaning of your sink. Also, keep a trash bin near but not directly under your sink. This would make dish scraping an easier task.


Your cooktop is the star of your kitchen. But, any homemaker who loves to cook can also tell how this part is prone to dirt. It could be frustrating to clean gas stove grates and remove all sorts of residues. A trendier and more practical alternative is ceramic or glass cooktops.

A glass cooktop only needs a soft sponge or cloth for wiping. You may need a special cleaner to avoid scratches. But, even with this, it is still considered lower in maintenance than a gas cooktop. A ceramic cooktop also yields faster cooking. This means less grease and grime buildup in the kitchen as well.

Storage Spaces

You use cabinets and shelves to organize things in your kitchen and remove as much clutter as you can. But, sometimes, putting things in order in these storage spaces takes so much time.

One way to save time with cabinets is to have shallow ones. This way, you do not have to move things aside to get the thing you need. You can have a rollout pantry so that all your grocery items are in full view. You can grab what you need in an instant. Traditional cupboards make it hard to store pots and pans. You have to remove all the smaller ones when all you need is the big pot at the back. You can go for a customized rollout drawer with a compartment for the lids and another for the pots and pans.

A clean kitchen is a stylish one. You do not need to put many elements in your kitchen to make it look great. Keeping it spick-and-span can do the trick. You would also love to spend more time in your kitchen when it does not seem to scream clean-up time to you every time.

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