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Keeping Your Home Safe From Peeking Eyes

Your property should have features that will protect you from busy streets, nosy people or neighbors, and the general hum of the outside world. Owning a house means enjoying privacy when necessary, but not all structures have privacy features. Most communities have homes built with little space between two places, on tiny lots, and close together. That can be great for small gatherings or dinner parties.

But relaxing under the sun won’t be comfortable if you don’t protect yourself from the eyes of other people or the stress of life. Fortunately, you can find different ways to boost your home’s privacy without moving to a secluded area. You might even find DIY ideas or concepts that require more planning, but all will increase comfort, security, and privacy. Below is a guide that tackles the home privacy ideas you can follow.

Placing Hedges or Plants on Your Property

Hedges and large trees help increase privacy in your outdoor areas and inside the house. In fact, well-placed hedges, trees, and other large plants will reduce visibility into the windows or gathering areas in your property and minimize sunlight. Building hedges or planting trees might sound easy, but that can also be difficult. That’s because you’ll have to wait for the plants and trees to grow large enough to provide privacy and shade.

Once they mature, your home will have increased privacy and an appealing curb appeal to your potential buyers.

Fogging or Frosting the Windows at Home

Installing blinds, curtains, or privacy shades might seem an easy and quick way to boost your privacy, but there’s a limit. You might not be able to block out sunlight or outside light completely. Fogged and frosted windows are the best solutions for this problem by allowing outdoor light to enter a room while getting rid of visibility. Fogging or frosting a window is cheap, making it perfect for laundry rooms, garages, or bathrooms.

Installing a Trellis for Outdoor Areas/Patios

Not all homes can plant trees and hedges or install fences to increase privacy. If you own a townhouse or a place in the city, your options are limited when it comes to improving your property’s privacy. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to be lenient.

Installing a trellis in your outdoor area or patio reduces your visibility and gives you decorative options. Most homeowners hang plants or grow ivy along the structure to further boost the trellis’ shade or privacy.

Keeping Your Network Connections Secure

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Your family’s digital security is as important as their physical privacy, mainly because more and more people spend their time online socializing, playing, and working. Many ignore their wireless network connections at home, but many are left entirely vulnerable or use weak passwords or outdated encryption methods for security. You’ll also have to think about your family’s safety while browsing the internet.

One way to do that is using the latest router because these have much better security and the most innovative encryption methods. Use a strong password or protected connection when browsing the internet. Many will find it challenging to crack if you use symbols, numbers, and letters in the password. Don’t easily give out sensitive data to your neighbors, and make it a habit to change your password regularly.

Installing Barriers on Your Patio and Porch

Installing barriers on your patio or porch might seem expensive, but it’s also another effective way of increasing your property’s privacy. Your decks or porches work as your family’s private gathering area, but they can be vulnerable to prying eyes, especially if your home is near another property.

Enclosing these areas with tinted glass or screens will significantly increase security and privacy while providing increased comfort and shade for your guests, family, and friends. You can also install a barrier in your car for increased privacy and security if possible. Many opt to install car window tints to address that problem.

Installing a Fence Along the Property Lines

One of the most obvious ways to increase privacy is by building a fence around the areas where you often spend the afternoon relaxing. Fences are every homeowner’s solution if their outdoor area feels too exposed, making it the easiest way to eliminate or minimize visibility from lower-level windows and a busy road. It’ll also increase your family’s security. Having a pool might also increase the need to install a fence.

Fences come in different heights and sizes, so you’ll have to compare your property’s location to its surroundings. You’ll also have to think about the height of your neighbor’s property and nearby structures. If your outdoor area is lower than the homes near it, you might have to build a higher fence to maximize privacy.

Despite where you live, you can find simple tricks that will help you increase your home and outdoor area’s privacy.

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