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Home Innovations That Are Changing the Lives of Senior Homeowners

Most people these days plan on aging in place. Statistics show that by 2030, over 20% of the US population will be over 65 years old. This shift in demographics means an increased demand for homes that can accommodate the needs of seniors. The good news is you don’t necessarily need to buy a new home to age in place. There are plenty of home innovations that can make your current home more senior-friendly.

Automatic Doors and Lights

As you grow older, many simple tasks become more complex. Something as simple as opening a door can become a challenge if you have arthritis or mobility issues. Even flipping a light switch can be daunting if you have limited mobility. Luckily, some products on the market can make these tasks easier.

Automatic doors, for instance, allow seniors to have trouble using a traditional doorknob. There are a variety of automatic doors available, from conventional swinging doors to sliding doors. If you have a porch or patio, you might want to consider an automatic door that opens when it detects motion. That way, you can let fresh air into your home without worrying about opening and closing the door yourself.

There are also plenty of automatic lights on the market that can make your life easier. You can find solar-powered lights for your porch or walkway. There are also battery-operated lights that you can place around your home, so you never have to worry about flipping a switch in the dark.

Home Elevators

If climbing stairs is challenging, a home elevator is a great solution. These days, elevators for residential properties come in all sorts of styles to match the design of your home. With this in your home, you won’t have to worry about taking the stairs again.

There are all sorts of home elevators on the market. You only need to find one that fits your needs. For example, you can start shopping for one before you need it, so you don’t have to worry about a last-minute installation. You can also find an elevator that fits your budget and one the pros can install quickly.

When choosing an elevator for your residence, be sure to do your research. Find one that can accommodate your unique needs, such as one that can fit your wheelchair or one that has a phone in it, so you can always call for help if you’re stuck. Find a company with lots of positive reviews that can also do the maintenance and repairs for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Smart Home Technology

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More and more seniors are using smart home technology to make their lives easier. These days, there are all sorts of devices that you can use to automate your home. This does more than make your life easier. It can also help you stay independent for longer.

For example, you can get a smart doorbell that will allow you to see who’s at your door without having to get up. Since you can see who’s there, you don’t have to worry about opening the door to strangers. You can also get a smart thermostat that you can control with your voice. That way, you can adjust the temperature without getting up and walking over to the thermostat.

Smart lights are another excellent option for seniors. You can get lights you can control with your voice or smartphone. That way, you don’t have to worry about flipping switches in the dark. You can also get smart locks, so you don’t have to carry around keys.

There are all sorts of other smart home devices that you can use to make your life easier. Be sure to research to find the ones that are right for you.

Roll-In Showers and High Toilets

Some seniors struggle to shower because they have to step over a high tub wall. If this is the case, you don’t have to buy a whole new bathroom. You can get a roll-in shower installed. With this type of shower, you have no lip or threshold to step over. That way, you can quickly get in and out of the shower without any trouble.

When shopping for a roll-in shower, find one with plenty of grab bars. That way, you can keep your balance while you’re showering. You should also look for a model with a built-in seat, so you can rest if necessary. Most importantly, find a shower that’s the right size for your bathroom. That way, you can ensure it will fit in your space without any problems.

You can also make your toilet more senior-friendly by getting a high toilet. These toilets are taller than standard toilets, so you don’t have to worry about squatting down low to use them. That way, you can avoid any painful joint issues.

When shopping for a high toilet, look for one that’s the right height. You should also look for a model with grab bars to steady yourself if you need to. Most importantly, find a toilet that’s comfortable for you to use. That way, you can avoid any discomfort while you’re using it.

All sorts of home innovations can make your home more senior-friendly. With a little research, you can find the perfect ones for your needs. That way, you can stay independent and comfortable in your home and age in place for long as you want.

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