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Home Improvement Projects for 2022: Taking Your House to the Next Level

It’s no secret how home improvement projects have spurred amid the COVID-19 crisis. Many households have reassessed the value of their homes and seen the need to improve them. For this reason, they have ended up pursuing some house projects. Forbes considered 2020 the Year of the Home and 2021 as the Year of the Yard.

But this 2022, there are no signs of stopping or even slowing down for the home improvement projects. While the pandemic isn’t yet over and people still spend most of their time at home, these projects will continue. Homeowners will continue to renovate their houses and even boost their outdoor spaces. They’ll have the aesthetics, functionality, safety, and comfort level in mind.

Fret not—here are up a few recommendations for taking your house to the next level. That said, here are home improvement projects to carry out this year:

1. Door and Window Upgrade

Doors and windows play a crucial role in your residential property. They are practically the entry points of your house. But aesthetically, they give your home’s façade a facelift. This year, it’s a good idea to upgrade these parts of your house. For windows, opt for large ones so your family can view the outdoor surroundings. For doors, consider glass materials to allow your family to connect with nature seamlessly. As the pandemic has forced you to stay indoors, having this door and window upgrade can be a great idea.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. During this pandemic, your family has most likely spent time cooking food and preparing meals. You and your family members have probably found time to sit together for a hearty meal. This year, it’s best to take this house part to the next level by having an outdoor kitchen. This project entails more than just placing a grill and a table. It involves setting up an exterior kitchen. That way, your family and some guests can have a barbecue party outside of your home.

3. Zen Bathroom

There is nothing more relaxing than having a Zen bathroom in your own house. Chances are, you’ve missed visiting a spa or a wellness retreat center during this pandemic. If you’re still a bit hesitant to do this, create a Zen bathroom in your residential space this year. Apart from doing your daily rituals like taking a bath and eliminating bodily wastes, a Zen room can provide you with a space for peace and relaxation.

Luxurious bathroom setup

4. Basement Remodeling

The basement is the lowest part of your house built underground. As such, many households make their basement a storage room. They fail to realize that they can turn this part into some remarkable possibilities. This year, consider working with a basement contractor for a remodeling project. You can transform your basement into an entertainment hub, a movie theater, a mini-bar, or even a guest room.

5. Home Office

Work from home (WFH) has become increasingly popular during this pandemic. Many employees worldwide have been working remotely. Asked if they want to go back to the office, the vast majority prefer to work at home for good. If you’re one of them, consider setting up a home office on your residential property. Look for a dedicated space for work and remodel this room. From there, invest in personal devices, tools and equipment, and other resources.

6. Study-Room-Inspired Bedroom

There’s no doubt how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever. About one billion children worldwide have been out of the classrooms. Thanks to digital tools and technologies, they have made online learning possible. But while students are gradually going back to school, online education appears to become more prevalent. If you have children having online classes, look for a particular space in their bedroom and turn it into a dedicated study area.

7. Sustainable Home

Sustainability has become a buzzword in recent years, especially during this pandemic. However, this idea applies to homeowners and their residential properties as well. The idea is to set up a house sustainable for the future while having a less environmental impact. You can invest in smart home devices, have energy-efficient systems, install solar panels, and use organic materials for a “green” home. You can also venture into outdoor landscaping by having a lawn and pursuing home gardening.

At this point, you now know how to take your residential property to the next level. Consider the top house projects recommended above, from door and window upgrade to basement remodeling to a sustainable home.

But before taking the plunge, check your residential space and see how you can improve it. Be sure to factor in your finances and budget, personal and family needs, and other resources. From there, you’ll be able to decide what home improvement project to pursue. Ultimately, you’ll take your house to the next level!

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