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Your Garage Is Long Overdue For A Major Renovation

Although the garage might be the last place that comes to mind when we think about renovations and remodeling, it’s a home improvement project that can actually offer so much in return for a very minimal investment if you know what you’re doing. Plus, it also transforms an often less used room of a home into something more lively because a brand new look will most certainly encourage more utility out of it in the long run.

However, one common issue that most home improvement enthusiasts run into when it comes to the garage is not knowing what to do, how it can help them, or if it’s even worth investing in the first place. And to help break the ice on this renovation matter, we’ll be going over the benefits that you might’ve overlooked and the different takes you can approach a garage overhaul for both budget and purpose.

What Does A Garage Renovation Even Offer?

Despite how secluded the garage may appear at face value when compared to a bedroom that you sleep in every single night or the backyard that you get to look at from the window, upgrading your garage with proper renovations has actually a lot to offer both on the economic and functional aspects. And once we take into account the worrying state of the current housing market, it’s becoming increasingly important that we find smart ways of investing money back into assets that can safeguard our financial future.

  • Improves Property Value: Much like any other home improvement project, investing in a garage overhaul will also improve property value in proportion to the amount of effort and resources you put into fixing it up. And if you’re willing to go the extra mile by expanding the space or adding a more modern workshop, expect this feature to win over many potential buyers if you ever put it up for sale on the market.
  • Enables Better Protection Of Your Assets: Apart from property value, we can’t overlook the fact that a garage’s purpose also includes protecting all your other important assets such as your car and any other equipment. And unless your vehicle is equipped with top-quality car wrap and you can guarantee that everything else can be kept safe even in an old garage, it makes perfect sense to improve the integrity of the premises. You wouldn’t sleep in a bedroom without a ceiling, and you should treat the garage that keeps your other assets safe the same way.

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How Should You Go About Renovating Your Garage?

Depending on how you plan to use your garage, there are various approaches you can take in renovating the space to make it more relevant to your lifestyle, and for those willing to invest a more spacious budget, you’ll find yourself with more options on the table. However, for consistency’s sake and to keep things straight to the point, we’ll be recommending (1) general improvements like new flooring and insulation, (2) extending the garage to cover more space, and (3) converting the garage into an office or living area.

  • Cover The Baseline With Better Flooring: If you want a more affordable project that gets the job done, covering the baseline improvements with better flooring, and even insulation is an excellent way of renovating your garage. For example, if your garage features concrete flooring that’s already showing many cracks, switching to epoxy helps big-time and guarantees extra safety as well. Installing better insulation also makes the room feel a lot more comfortable during the hot days of summer.
  • Consider Extending The Garage Itself: Despite how spacious the garage may seem, a lot of people find it very troublesome trying to navigate and cram in all their tools inside. And if you suffer from the same problems, then extending your garage is the best solution to give you more leeway in moving around. Plus, if your garage is already on the older end of things, the overhaul becomes the more reasonable option for future benefits.
  • Garage Conversion For More Functional Space: While we love the garage and think it’s the best room to install a workshop or tinker with your car, you shouldn’t be limited to these purposes alone. And if you’ve been lacking some functional space in your home, then converting the garage into a remote office space or in-home gym is an excellent use of the room. Of course, expect this option to be quite costly, so don’t push through with this project if you don’t have the budget to support it.

Don’t Overthink And Just Do It!

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be worrying too much about the details because overthinking leads to inaction and postponements. So, get your tools ready and free yourself next weekend so you can get that garage renovation done ASAP.

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