A Greener Year: Popular Trends for Home and Garden in 2021

With so many times on your hands during your stay at home in 2021, there’s a lot of things you might notice. One of the areas in your home that might need some drastic TLC is the garden. It’s good for your mental health to see your greens growing and thriving.

You don’t need a large plot of land to establish a garden. A small plot of space is enough to cultivate a few greens for a starter garden. Wildflowers can also be grown in your garden once you know how to cultivate them. Raised garden beds are quite popular as well. It’s especially vibrant when you regularly have your picture windows cleaned by a window cleaning service, but we’ll get to that.

Gardens, more importantly, serve as inspiration when you’re stuck with a creative block while working from home. Here’s what gardens may look like this year, along with popular trends for making your home look better.

A Small Garden in your Balcony

This is a great idea if you’re living in a place with limited space for gardens, like in the city or in a small apartment. If you want to get your green on, take a look at your balcony. Does it need a little color? If so, you can pot some plants and have them out in the garden to catch some sunlight. Voila, you have your own garden in the city.

It’s a smart-looking improvement to your home if you haven’t done it already. It also adds another function to your balcony. You may have had some time staying here for coffee, or to get some fresh air. Decking it with greens adds another dimension to your apartment space.

Wild Gardens in your Backyard

If you live in a rural area, then you’ll have a lot of space to plant a garden. Instead of buying plants from a shop, why not get them directly from nature? You can grow a ‘wild’ garden that will go great with your rural backyard. It’s termed ‘wild’ because rather than prune it, you let nature take its natural course.

Wildflowers are a popular choice for growing your garden out, but there are other choices, such as letting a patch of your lawn grow wild then leaving it unattended. These patches are great for wildlife and supporting the ecosystem. Insects such as butterflies and bees will often visit your garden.

Bringing the Sea to your home through Colors

This could be an out-of-the-way suggestion, but it’s another improvement for your home. Instead of a garden, why not deck your kitchen or dining room with a fresh coat of paint? This year’s Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is Aegean Teal or a soothing blue shade that reminds you of the sea.

This is great if you think your home needs an uplift without costing you too much. It adds a new character to your wall and gives it a brave new color. It’s definitely a choice off the beaten path of flat whites and neutral shades you must be so used to.

Grayish Gardenscapes

japanese garden

Grays are supposedly drab and out of place in a home, but it does add a color-breaker when placed in a strategic area, such as your garden. Some interiors work well with grays, while others may not. This trend tends to work well in backyards and gardens because its color sometimes mimics the gray of stone.

Furniture in the garden is also almost always gray instead of black or a neutral white. Add some raised plant beds and a few leafy greens that help the color blend in, and you’ve got a complete picture of tranquility in your own garden.

Outdoor living through Gardens

With so much time spend within your home, you must be dying to go outside. The outdoors is just waiting for you but it’s much safer to spend time just outside your home. If you must, you could spend some time on a garden set on your porch or your garden.

It’s also a great space to work in, whether you’re working on your office chores, completing a lesson at school, or working in the garden. Being outside gives you an instant boost of energy. Aside from that, when you get too stressed, you can instantly look at the greens as a sort of breaker from the monotony.

Sheltering in place doesn’t mean you should go stagnant. If you’ve got a small space at home that you can turn into a garden, think of fresh new ways to do it. You can take inspiration from these tips that we’ve listed here.

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