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What You Need to Know Before Buying an Electric Car

There is a substantial market for electric cars right now. Though electric motors have been around for a long time, it has only been recently that mass production electric cars have become viable. On the surface, they look to be a good buy, but electric cars do still have some bugs to iron out. Here is what you need to know to be sure about your electronic car purchase:

What’s on The Market

Many people think that they only have one option when it comes to buying electric vehicles. But there are choices out there. Pure electric cars are those that only use electricity as fuel. This is mostly thanks to the development of high battery capacities and efficiencies. But they tend to be very short in range. Tesla is a famous example of this. There are also hybrid vehicles. These combine electric and regular gas consumption. Electric is for short-range travel. When you need to go for a long trip, the gas engine will take over. These are much easier to find since you can find a hybrid electric car shop in Utah and other states.

Short Distance

As mentioned above, electric vehicles have a pretty short range. The main limiting factor is the fact that battery technology is not enough to keep your battery full for long trips. For example, Tesla can reach only around 200 miles on a single charge. Compared to a stock gasoline-powered car with good mileage, they can reach about 600 miles.

You might be able to drive a long trip if there was a line of recharge points to your destination, but there is no widespread infrastructure for that yet. This makes the electric car are an excellent choice if you commute within a particular distance regularly.

Charge Times

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If you are familiar with your car being able to have a full tank in a few minutes, then electric vehicles will be a bit different. This is because you usually have to wait a few hours before a full charge happens. It all depends on your power outlet. The fastest right now is the speed offered by Tesla, with fast charging possible thanks to its special charger. A full charge still takes 20 minutes, though, which is far longer than you would wait at a gas station.

Easy Support

There is still a significant advantage to going electrical, though. The main one is to reduce the maintenance costs of your car. This is mainly because there are fewer moving parts when it comes to running an electric car motor. The main thing you have to be careful about is the battery. With use, the maximum charge of your battery goes down. This means that you need to replace it. This should be easy enough to do by bringing them to your manufacturer.

Electric cars are a good purchase since they are much more eco-friendly than your standard vehicle. But they are not perfect. So it is good that you know some of the facts above. Knowing what electric vehicles can do and not do should be a big help in deciding whether you should buy one

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