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Project Prettify Your Patio

Have you been stuck at home for a while now, wondering how you can add something new and exciting to look forward to every day as soon as you wake up? Why not start with beautifying and cozying up your patio? Not only will it inspire you to get up and go outside, but it will also add life to your house, making you and your family feel more at ease with staying home and spending time somewhere that is not the bedroom.

Ready yourself for you are about to put some panache and pizzazz into your patio and life! Here are popular ways to prettify your patio:


If your patio isn’t roofed or covered, you might want to consider adding shade without compromising the style. For smaller spaces, an awning can be an option. It is usually attached to your home exterior and gives you full shade. Add an outdoor table and some cute chairs under to instantly give it a cafe vibe. If you don’t want a full shade and love a more natural, vintage, and fashionable structure for your patio, you can check out pergolas. It is usually made of wood and has rafters for the roof.

You can opt to maintain it as it is or add decorative plants (that can give you shade as well.) If you want a more contemporary and innovative structure, a gazebo with a louvered roof is an excellent choice. It doesn’t only look elegant; it is adjustable to your preference, making it perfect for all kinds of weather, occasions, and moods! With louvered roof gazebos, it is no longer a question if you need a full shade, partial shade, or no shade at all.


You can still appreciate your patio even at nighttime by adding overhead lights to produce that sophisticated warm yellow glow. String lights are a popular choice. Shedding some light in your patio makes the idea of al fresco dining attractive and possible at home, even at night. Outdoor lounging is also the next best thing to relax while savoring the cool wind and sipping a glass of wine before bedtime.


Turn your patio into a cozy hang-out area by adding lounge furniture. It can be a comfortable sofa where you can sink into as you read a good book (given that you have a fully shaded patio) or metal chairs that can survive any weather. Add some patterned pillows for comfort and style. Whatever type of furniture you choose, outdoor lounging is a cool way to bond with family and friends.

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Make your breakfast, lunch, or dinner extra special by setting up an outdoor dining area. Choose tables and chairs that are practical and appropriate for the weather. Make it inviting by placing decorative linen and patterned pillows for the chairs. You can mix and match depending on the occasion and season. Make your guest feel comfortable and the experience delightful by ensuring that it’s not too bright nor too dark. Now you won’t have a hard time calling everyone’s attention and gathering them all during mealtime.


You can never go wrong with adding some greenery to your patio. Plants can add life and beauty to your space, can help produce clean air, can exude natural fragrance, and can even give you some privacy (if they’re big enough to cover). Plants also have a natural way of turning a place into a calming and peaceful environment. Turning it into an herb or a vegetable garden is another way to give your patio a purpose. Just consider the right amount of sunlight and shade that your plants can receive.


Make your patio look so pretty by hanging a hammock or a swing chair. Who does not want to go out and relax in a hammock? Bring a good book with you, and you’re all set! Hammocks have a way of inviting you to take some time for yourself and let all your troubles be bubbles, even just for a day. Not only that, it’s an attractive decorative accessory that can transform a small space outside your door!

Don’t worry. It doesn’t require two trees to chill in a hammock! So go ahead and look for the best hammocks out there and pick the one that goes well with your dwelling! And just like naps in hammocks, it is always a good time to sit pretty in a swing chair no matter what your age is.

You don’t have to turn your patio into a perfect one overnight. It takes a lot of time, effort, budgeting and building, a lot of creativity, and conceptualizing. But one thing is for sure: it will all be worth it. Don’t feel guilty for renovating, redesigning, and beautifying your home. It should be the very place that gives you joy, relaxation, and a sense of fulfillment.

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