Planning the Perfect In-person Holiday Party Amid a Pandemic

This is the second holiday that we will be spending amid a pandemic. There are three options for us to celebrate the festivities: host a party in person, have a virtual party with friends and family, skip the party altogether, and just spend the day with our households. Every one of us has to decide how we’re going to celebrate the upcoming holidays. When we say it isn’t an easy feat, that has never been truer than it is today.

Even though the vaccine is already available, and many have availed, things are not yet back to normal. There are days when huge swaths of the country are under lockdown. There are good days, too, when kids can run around public parks and families can dine in together. But the Delta variant changed all that. The highly transmissible and contagious variant of the coronavirus is fast becoming the dominant strain in Australia and all over the world.

Can you still spend the holidays together despite the new variant? Is there a way to celebrate in person without fear of contracting the virus? Yes, of course, there’s always a way, though a few sacrifices must be made.

Isolating, Testing, and Vaccination

If you are planning an in-person holiday festivity with the family, make sure everyone agrees to do these three things: isolate, test, and vaccinate. The first thing is to isolate at home for at least a week. The next step is to test a day before the planned celebration. Finally, it will be better if everyone at the party is already vaccinated. That will reduce the transmission of the virus, especially to children who cannot be vaccinated at this time.

Yacht Cruise

When is the best time to hold the party? In Australia, the best time for a holiday festivity is New Year’s Eve. Since Australia is the first country to welcome the New Year, it’s best to check if a boat cruise for New Year’s Eve is something you can do with the family. The best thing about is that it’s completely private since you’ll have to rent the yacht in full. It’s also advisable to hold the party together with many family members so that you can divide the cost of the yacht rental among yourselves.

Outdoor Winter Wonderland


Does it snow where you are? If you can hold a winter wonderland party during the holidays, then so be it. This is a safe kind of party since people can stay outdoors where there is good ventilation. If you have a huge backyard, transform that into a Christmas village. Invite friends and family members to spend the holidays with you, though remember that wearing a mask is still important. To enjoy those Christmas dishes, you can put up different tables. Each table will be reserved for a household. This way, people don’t need to table-hop and spread the virus to everyone.

Ice Sculpting

Similar to a winter wonderland theme party, ice sculpting will make use of the freezing temperature of winter. If it’s not snowing where you are, consider renting a snow machine so that you can make some of those ice creations. Consider holding a contest among yourselves to make the party even more fun. Of course, there should always be a prize waiting for the winning creation.

Multiple Parties

Why don’t you start those holiday parties earlier? It’s easier to practice social distancing when you hold small groups of reunions. This way, it is also easier to enforce health protocols such as the wearing of face masks and not sharing tables when you eat. Don’t hold the parties so close together. Put a week or two between the parties so that you have time to either get tested or to monitor yourself for symptoms. Holding the parties one after the other is like organizing a large gathering. Forego that plan and focus on small groups of people.

All the holidays are looking different lately. The pandemic halted or paused all kinds of celebrations. It doesn’t have to be that way if you know what to avoid and how to organize meetings and parties without putting your lives at risk. Check the guidelines posted by the health ministry regularly. These guidelines will keep you posted on what to do and what not to do during the holiday season. Even the government understands that people need to be around their loved ones during this time, so watch out for announcements and protocols on how to hold small family gatherings.

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