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The Best Non-beach Wedding Destinations If You Love Nature

Most people think about the beach when we begin to talk about a nature-themed wedding. The beach is not the sole representation of nature when it comes to weddings. Having a beach party is not the only answer to a couple saying they want a nature-inspired wedding. One, there are other bodies of water. And two, nature doesn’t always equate to seeing a body of water, anyway.

The beach is an inauthentic way for nature lovers to get married. A lot of couples are already doing it. Even those who do not love the beach exactly are doing it, so why will true nature lovers go that route if they have a lot more options than the beach?


The best way to get married privately and without anyone taking a peep at the celebration is in the middle of the ocean. You can check out some boats for hire via so that you know what kind of options you have. It will all depend on your budget and the number of guests at your wedding. You can choose to go extravagant and hold a large party aboard an even larger boat, or you can have a very intimate celebration on a small yacht.

The point is that you will be surrounded by water, and isn’t that the loveliest and most peaceful way to wed? Just imagine it. The water is gently splashing on the sides of the boat, and soft music is wafting through the speakers. It’s one of the most serene ways to get married.

Private Resort

You can also choose to rent a private resort where there are many trees and a beautiful infinity pool. You will have the best of both worlds—the greens of the towering trees and the blues of the sparkling water from the pool. An event designer can place a kind of removable bridge over the pool to be the “aisle” where the bride can walk. The altar should be at the edge of the pool, where the bride and groom will say their vows to each other before crossing the bridge back to their guests. It’s a symbolic gesture that shows both your love for nature and your togetherness.
lakeside wedding


Imagine Lake Tahoe in the fall. It is the best time to get married there. Autumn there has better weather than summer. It’s not too cold, and neither is it too hot, seeing as it just came from the summertime. It is also less expensive to get married in the fall since most venues and caterers are still operating with a high capitalization post the boost of summer sales. You can rent a cottage near the water and get married on a floating deck that extends into the lake.

This option is fast becoming a popular one for many nature-loving couples. However, since organizing destination weddings requires a lot of work, you can still put a unique twist to your lakeside wedding. You can, for example, get married on a kayak that you rowed to the middle of the lake. It’s just the both of you and the minister.


A forest-themed wedding has become popular since the day the movie Twilight came into being. There’s something magical about getting married amidst the monstrous trees with the sunlight streaming in between leaves and branches. But instead of recreating a forest inside a hotel ballroom as others are ought to do, get married in an actual forest. With the right permits and licenses, you can wrap tree trunks in string lights and put tables and chairs under the sparkling lights.


If you want a truly authentic wedding, why not get married in a cave? The trek, however, may be too much for your older guests, so you might want to just hold a separate party for them back home. But for nature-loving friends and family members who can hike, this is the perfect place that embodies your personalities. Again, your team of event stylists will have to work extra hard to turn a cave into a magical place, but it will be worth it in the end.

The great thing about being in love with nature is the many opportunities it offers for celebrations such as weddings. You can turn it into something magical, the same that you will see in a fairy tale. Or nature can be just as alluring as the most extravagant and ostentatious hotel ballroom. And even though destination weddings can be expensive, the backdrop that nature provides is enough to turn your simple wedding into something that will wow you and the guests forever.

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