Home Services You Can’t Ignore for Your Rental Property This Winter Season

While homeowners are busy decorating their homes in preparation for the holiday, rental property owners have other things in mind. When you have another real estate under your name and have tenants occupying the units, you are in charge of prepping it for winter. Your tenants might have their fair share of responsibilities during the cold season. But as a whole, you are in charge of the seasonal maintenance and repairs. Thankfully, home services are made available in winter that makes your job a lot easier.

Snow Removal

Keeping your property’s walkway and parking lot clear of ice and snow is necessary to ensure your tenants’ safety. If it is not indicated that the tenants are in charge of removing snow in these areas, you need to arrange for a snow removal company to work their magic. This is especially true for multifamily homes like apartments and other properties with shared parking lots.

Did you know that falls are not the only safety hazard associated with removing snow? More people are likely to suffer heart attacks while shoveling snow. With all the effort one has to exert while shoveling and lifting snow, it is proven to cause more strain in your heart, thus triggering a heart attack.

According to a study, the longer the snowfall and the deeper the snow, the more dangerous it is to remove snow on your own. There is a 16% higher hospital admission when the snow is more than eight inches. This is why experts recommend paying great care and attention when shoveling or to consider hiring professional services instead.

HVAC System Inspection

Your property’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning should be winter-ready before the season changes. You want the units to be running as efficiently as possible. This ensures the comfort and safety of your tenants and detects potential issues that can lead to even bigger and costlier problems.

Aside from a professional HVAC inspection, remind your tenants to keep the heat on to avoid the pipes from freezing over. This is also to prevent fluctuating temperatures from causing your wooden doors, crown molding, and floors from cracking. Advice them to keep the heat and maintain a normal temperature not lower than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

On-site Air Testing

There is reduced ventilation inside properties during winter. While this is a good way to maintain a warm and comfortable temperature indoors, it also has its drawbacks. This often leads to an increased carbon monoxide level, which both a health concern and a fire risk.

This is why it is recommended that homeowners and property owners test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors before winter. If every alarm and detector is working n good condition, then consider replacing the batteries instead.

It is also important that all tenants and their family members know the difference between each detector. Allow them to hear the sound during testing to raise awareness. If you suspect that your property has a dangerous carbon monoxide level, call an on-site air testing professional asap.


Professional Chimney Sweep

Chimneys are a great way to warm up a house during winter. But it is never fun cleaning and maintaining chimneys. This needs to be done regularly, especially in winter, making chimney sweep services a good deal.

With regular chimney sweeping, you and your tenants can enjoy the following perks.

  • Prevent chimney fire
  • Avoid respiratory, skin, and eye hazards
  • Ensure chimney strength
  • Prevent smoke damage
  • Restoration chimney services if needed

DIY chimney sweeping is a dangerous job, so it is best to allow the professionals to take over. There is always the risk of falling off the root. You can also avoid soot and creosote from falling into your home, putting yourself and your family at risk of inhaling these harmful substances.

Landscaping Services

The good news is, you can even hire landscaping services to prep your property for winter. Some landscaping companies specialize in winter lawn prep, including draining sprinklers, aerating the lawn, removing dead plants, and fertilizing the lawn. But aside from these services, there are other things you can consider investing in before and during winter.

For one, gutter cleaning is a task that makes sense before winter. You want all the gutters around your property to be clean and in great condition. This way, you can prevent debris from blocking drainage, prevent pests from entering your home, and prevent sagging gutters from damaging your property.

You definitely want your rental property in great shape. So make sure you take the time to tackle all the important winter maintenance tasks on your list. Keep your tenants happy and your property ready for the snow season with the help of these services.

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