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Clever Ideas to Add Extra Storage in Your House

Little storage space in tiny homes is a big problem. The things stay unorganized, and the house remains messy all the time. Besides, finding items, especially when you are running late or during an emergency, becomes troublesome. In addition, because of little storage, you are forced to throw out things that you don’t really want to since they may come in handy; you never know.

Thankfully, you can stay organized and don’t have to throw things out with some storage hacks. Yes, with some creativity and brainstorming, you can maximize the storage capacity of your house. You may don’t need to do even that since most of the ideas you’ll find in this guide.

Use a Cellar

To begin, you may add built-in cabinets in the space, along with some baskets, bins, and robust metal shelves. These will help to declutter items and make the area look tidy. Moreover, an organized area creates greater storage space, allowing you to keep far more things than before. You may keep tools, equipment, electric wires and accessories, sports equipment, toys, and much more. Ceiling hangers can also be used if your cellar is prone to floods. Heavy-duty hooks and strong plastic racks might come in handy.

You should also ditch cardboard boxes for keeping items in airtight containers. These containers are transparent, making it simpler to find things. Additionally, they are waterproof, which keeps mold and mildew at bay, saving your stuff from getting destroyed.

There’s a lot you can keep in the cellar if you install and get the right storage equipment. However, you’ll need to make some plans and do some repairs. If your cellar has been abandoned, there is a good chance that the paint is flaking off, and the structure does not allow for such storage adjustments. In that scenario, set aside some funds for basement renovation.

Because chipped paint causes moisture to seep into walls, dampness can attract mildew, destroying the items in the cellar. You may hire an expert to assist you in molding the area into the proper form for storage arrangements. Lastly, a clean and tidy cellar offers the finest storage space since it makes arranging things easier.

Create Vertical Space

Most people keep buying furniture to place around the rooms. However, very few think of this storage option. The air is essentially vacant space, which is of no use. You can save space by stacking the things that you require daily. You can start with the study. It is one of the best places to keep racks and vertical shelves. You can easily store all the files, documents, and papers there. Do keep in mind to wrap them with covers, or use plastic files.

Moving on to your kid’s room, there are enough ways to do this setup. Start with bunk beds as they have two levels and hence occupy less floor space. You have the remaining area free to move. Some beds also come with lower storage or drawers. Utilize all the space you can. Most rooms, including the kitchen, have enough space to install vertical racks. It is more cost-effective for two-kid families.

Make Bedroom Adjustments

If you compare the bedroom size with that of the living room, the former is always tiny. Most homes have a 10 sq. ft. of living space inside a bedroom. Do not buy bulky furniture for the bedroom. You can solve the dresser issue by mounting a mirror on the wall and hanging a few racks beside it.

Keep things that have straight lines. Curves take a lot of space. You can definitely go for a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. Now, dump in all your clothes, jewelry, and expensive belongings on the lower and medium-level shelves. Stack the things you don’t need daily above the headspace.

Use Under the Stair Space

Most houses have some space under the stairs. You can use this space to create a cabinet or install closed shelves. Use the place as a bookcase or a small play area. If you install some lights there and get the place cleaned, it can be put to good use. Additionally, you can also create a pantry for the storage of groceries. That should also save some space for you in the kitchen.

Hide Things in Bathroom

Now, if you have run out of storage spaces everywhere, check the bathroom. There could be that one corner still left. You could fit in a hanging sturdy plastic almirah there. Put all your toiletries and other personal care products there. So, you can free up the dresser a bit. If there is a bathtub, remove it. A shower cubicle, toilet, and basin do a fine job. Install glass doors inside. It will help you maximize too.

That is how you can make every square foot of your property count. Use your imagination and, based on your storage requirements, make the necessary improvements.

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