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A Property That Smells “Funny” Won’t Rent Or Sell Well

While most people judge a home according to its functionality and comfort level, one important factor that we unconsciously check for is a place that smells great and looks clean. It’s one of the reasons why we got to far lengths just to ensure that every nook and cranny around the house is spotless. Furthermore, it’s because a pleasant smell is also conducive to a healthy and safe environment since bad-smelling odors can be an indication of something much worse in hiding.

However, when we are greeted with something that smells “funny,” it can be very difficult to pinpoint and narrow down your potential culprits if you’re actively cleaning around the house. Plus, when left unattended, it can get worse and grow into an unbearable foul smell over time. So, today we’ll be going over a home’s typical problem areas to narrow down your search investigation.

Here’s Where You Check First

These problem areas are commonly known for harboring bad odors due to the nature of their purpose. So, there’s a pretty good chance we’ll find your culprit among these highlighted suspects. However, if the foul odor persists, feel free to be more comprehensive and thorough with your search.

#1 The Kitchen Is Hiding Culprits

While most of us know the kitchen for meal preparation and storing our food and ingredients, another way to look at it is that this area of the home is where we keep all of our perishable goods and items that require good storage. Plus, we also need to consider all the steps that go into cooking and the mess we create throughout the entire process. Therefore, there’s a pretty high risk of something not smelling as nice as you’d like.

  • The Dishwasher’s Got Some Issues: Most homes come equipped with dishwashers, and we’re all guilty of just placing them inside and taking them out when they’re all neat and ready. However, the dishwasher is just like any kitchen appliance, and it’s not an exemption to breaking down or having some issues. And, considering that it deals with getting rid of grime and leftovers, it’s the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Garbage Disposal Is Acting Up: Just like the dishwasher, the kitchen’s garbage disposal is another appliance that we just take for granted and start shoving down all the food waste. However, if all that waste isn’t processed properly and the garbage disposal runs into some problems, these can buildup and smell absurdly bad over time. Sometimes, they get so bad that you need a replacement.

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#2 You’re Not Seeing It

If you’re one hundred percent certain that you’ve checked every corner of the house, then it might be the case that the culprit is hiding somewhere that you don’t typically see every day. Remember, your home isn’t just the area you move around in but also consists of intricate architecture that makes it liveable and comfortable. However, all these things behind the wall aren’t exactly foolproof against bad odors.

  • A Plumbing System Problem: While we’d like to think that our plumbing system is working well, when it does meet issues, “funny” smells that get worse over time is a clear sign of something wrong. For example, the pipe could’ve broken due to wear and tear, or maybe there was too much pressure that ended up causing a part to burst. And, while the smell can get bad, the fixing costs are the bigger problem.
  • Mold Growing In Nasty Places: If it isn’t the plumbing, then you might have parts of the house that are a bit too moist, and mold has begun to grow. Sure, it doesn’t have that strong of a smell, but its musty odor can get annoying in the long term and presents potential health risks too.

#3 Unpleasant Smells Are Circulating Everywhere

Last but not least, it might not be the case of something behind your walls or underneath the home, but rather the very air that’s circulating around the home is harboring some unpleasant smell. You see, while we’d like to consider that vacuuming and mopping around the household are enough, this doesn’t really account for the air ducts that maintain the healthy circulation of air. So, it’s high time you consider looking for expert duct-cleaning services because the dust and debris might’ve accumulated to a dangerous amount.

Doing Away With That “Funny” Smell

In conclusion, there are numerous problem areas we recommend checking first before you consider moving forward with other house projects like renovations and DIYs. Plus, all it takes to fix these things up is just a bit of elbow grease and a weekend. However, don’t shy away from professional help when you know you need it.

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