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5 Items You Should Consider Getting Repaired Before Throwing Away

The world changes fast. Some years ago, the repair industry was booming, and many individuals carried the mindset of ‘make do and mend.’ However, nowadays, people are getting used to a toss-and-replace culture that’s putting a strain on the environment. You can change that and make the world more sustainable and your wallet full by fixing things the next time you notice some of your items acting up instead of chucking them in the bin.

Here are the top items that you should consider repairing instead of replacing them:

iPad or Smartphones

Over 150 million phones and tablets get thrown away in the United States annually, which can drastically impact the planet’s well-being. Don’t be part of the millions that waste their money and pollute the environment by fixing your old gadgets. For instance, you would need professional iPad screen replacement services if your iPad has a cracked screen, instead of wasting hundreds of dollars for a new unit.

Although repairs won’t make your phones or tablets have a higher quality camera or fast-loading apps, it still has its uses. So, have your damaged gadgets fixed to save you money and the environment.

Vacuum Cleaners

Small home cleaning appliances like vacuum cleaners tend to have a generous warranty period, so before you go on and replace it, have the manufacturer’s assigned repair person come out to fix it. However, even if its warranty has expired, repairs are still better than replacing the item entirely as long as the costs aren’t more than half of its newer counterpart.

Vintage Watches or Clocks

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Buying new watches and clocks can quickly rack up your expenses, but you don’t need to spend more than you have to by having them fixed by a professional. Doing this saves you money, time, and effort while ensuring a healthier environment. Besides that, these trinkets are worth repairing if the watch is a family heirloom or was given to you by someone special in your life.

Laptops and Computers

If your laptop or computer gets damaged, replacing them can be quite expensive, costing you up to hundreds to thousands of dollars. You can make simple tweaks to get these gadgets up and running, like adding an SSD drive to your older laptops to make it run more smoothly. You can do these repairs by yourself, but if you think you don’t have the means to do it, you can have these repaired by a professional for only a quarter of the costs of replacing them, saving you money and time.


Torn upholstery and faulty legs don’t necessarily mean it’s time for you to kick your piece of furniture out of your home. Although cheaper furniture isn’t worth repairing as they cost more to fix than replace, well-made furniture is often worth saving.

The costs of fixing furniture vary widely, but the average homeowner only spends around $150 to $200 for minor furniture repairs. However, larger pieces of furniture like a threadbare couch can cost you around $1,200, so you’ll need to contact a repair person for quotes before deciding if it’s worth saving or not.

Eventually, the things you own will break or wear, and because we live in a ‘throw-away’ society, it’s easy for most people to throw old items in the trash and replace them with new ones. Make a change by making an effort to fix certain things in your life to save you money and the planet.

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