Your Guide to Installing a Water Well

This video is about installing a well using a sledgehammer. It’s like a DIY water well project for anyone unwilling to hire local water well companies. The presenter says it’s a great way to get free water off the grid.

Video Source

They start by showing the well point, a blue cast iron piece attached to a pipe. Afterward, they connect the pipes with a special coupling that lets you hammer them together without damaging the threads.

Then, they clean the inside of the pipe with soapy water to remove any oil residue that could contaminate the water. In this case, he put their well near their shed for future electric pump hookups. They do so because the lower part of their yard is closer to the water table. To proceed, he digs a hole to clear the topsoil and warns that there’s no guarantee of finding water, but there’s a high water table in many places.

He screws on the pipes with pipe dope to prevent leaks. Also, he hammers a cap on the top to drive the pipe into the ground. Then, they add more pipe sections as they hammer and check for water with a gurgling sound. Once they hit the water, they add one more section to ensure the well-point is deep enough. He attaches a pitcher pump, soaks it for an hour to prime it, and pumps out the water. The water might be dirty at first, but it’ll eventually run clear.


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